Coming Up: Bánkitó Festival, 10 – 13 July

  • 23 May 2019 11:30 AM
Coming Up: Bánkitó Festival, 10 – 13 July
A cool festival by a pretty little lake in Bánk, where the chilled out atmosphere is miraculously still present despite the rise in its popularity in recent years - hence their self-proclaimed name “the biggest small festival”.

It is worth going before it explodes, as they say, because Bánk remains one of the prime examples of a cultural event that combines civil causes with great independent music.

The musical innovation continues in 2009, with the fest 'pulling apart and mushing together well-known genres and obscure ones, and turning the usual stages on their heads'. 

Sounds cool eh?! Here's more about what to expect from the organisers: "This year at Bánkitó, we will bring a pin to a balloon fight, we will try and burst out of the bubbles, and from the ether we will reflect on what it is that divides us and what it is that connects us together.

We will philosophize about societal divide, fake news, the nature of Truth and truths, culture, unculteredness and culturelessness, and about why exactly them and us, Bánkitó’s bubble wrapped audience opines (and can opine) on these matters."

Check out the line-up by clicking here

Day tickets: HUF 9,900 / 12,500
Festival Passes: HUF 22,900 / 26,900

Bánk Lake, 2653 Bánk


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