Budapest 'House Of Mysteries' Program Series, Until 29 September

  • 10 Sep 2019 10:32 AM
Budapest 'House Of Mysteries' Program Series, Until 29 September
️On the 6th birthday House of Mysteries would like to please both children and adults with surprises.

Anyone who thinks that there’s a detective inside of him/her can investigate in 11 mysterious cities on 3 weekends.

On these 3 weekends, participants can try our games, besides we are preparing with a birthday gift and prize games for everyone. 


23-29 of September the Town of Mysteries week:

There is a map, a list of tasks and an outrage that is solvable if you walk through the remarkable venues of Budapest.

From part of the entry fees House of Mysteries will support a Hungarian foundation which is voted by the guests. Let's help together!

Those who can’t attend don’t feel disappointed! In the weeks of the programs, everybody can purchase discounted gift cards that can be used unlimited time.


9-15 September: Detective Room/Hotel Crime week:

New generation, live role game which mixes the exercises of our popular logic rooms with the exciting detective experience. With these elements, we can guarantee a complex, exciting game full of rolls.

16-22 of September the Mystery Dinner week:

After everybody arrived, the game and the dinner start, then someone dies. Why? ...who did it? Questions fill the tense atmosphere. You have to figure out the answers to these questions with an investigation.

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