Interactive Da Vinci Exhibition In Budapest Until 1 September

  • 24 Apr 2019 2:05 PM
Interactive Da Vinci Exhibition In Budapest Until 1 September
The interactive exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci: Artist – Inventor – Genius” is now in Budapest on the 500th anniversary of the Renaissance master’s death.

The exhibition features almost five dozen interactive, custom-built wooden models of Leonardo’s original designs and the replicas of his most famous paintings.

This exhibition came to Hungary after a highly successful worldwide tour and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

With an area of over 1000 sq m (over 10 700 sq ft) organisers show Leonardo da Vinci as being much more than just the painter of Mona Lisa. He was a true genius with an imagination hundreds of years ahead of its time.

One would have to travel all around Europe to see the original paintings of the exhibited replicas.

The Mona Lisa sits in the Louvre in Paris, The Last Supper is in Milan, The Annunciation is in Florence, the Benois Madonna is in Saint Petersburg, the Lady with an Ermine is in Krakow, and the Madonna in the Cave is in London.

With this exceptional exhibition we give art lovers the unique opportunity to see all 23 paintings of Leonardo da Vinci at once. Vsitors will be able to step into some of the paintings with the help of VR headsets.

This exceptional exhibition allows visitors a peek into the extraordinary world of da Vinci and his incredible body of work – the mysterious mind of a genius.

Next to the 23 replications of his most famous artworks are dozens of true to scale, highly detailed models, all based on the original da Vinci codices.

The functionality of these machines is described by computer simulations.

Numerous machines will be interactive, visitors are free to touch them and give them a try.

Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest inventions are divided into four representative themes: Flight, Hydraulics, Mechanics and War.

Daily between 9.00 am – 8.00 pm.

Central Passage, ground floor
1061 Budapest, Kiraly utca 8-10.


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