Pál Frenák’s ‘Cage’ Contemporary Dance @ Trafó, 10 & 11 December

  • 25 Nov 2019 11:26 AM
  • Trafó House Of Contemporary Arts
Pál Frenák’s ‘Cage’ Contemporary Dance @ Trafó, 10 & 11 December
'Cage' presents the weakness of the individual, who is trapped in the cage of oppresion, as a generational degeneration – men and women, who willingly but ignorantly, walked into the game of power.

The performance is deeply inspired by the modern man’s inability to connect to others while finding comfort in a virtual reality instead. This time the choreographers are to use a radically reduced space to interlace the motives of the concept. The enthralling set highlights the confinement of cage-like communicational systems, which falsely projects the image of transparency.

In the web of relationships, the meeting points always change. Can those whose personality is essentially formed by unequal and constantly changing power relations, can they long to rebel at all? Are they capable of breaking free? Can the physical body be released from the oppression and uniformisation of the system? Will the silent screams of hopelessness turn into suffocation?

The artists of the Radikal Dance Association redefine the concept of beginning and end and deny the rationality of a hierarchical system while focusing on an everlasting open-mindedness.

HUF 2,800

Date and time: 
Tuesday, 10 December, 8 pm
Wednesday, 11 December, 8 pm 

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
1094 Budapest, Liliom u. 41.

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