3+1 Tips For A Clean Home From Rendi In Budapest

  • 22 Jan 2019 4:40 PM
3+1 Tips For A Clean Home From Rendi In Budapest
Do you often have problems for keeping your home clean? Our following tips help, you can easily keep your home clean:

20 minutes daily clean routine - Developing a daily cleaning routine helps to increase your productivity and decrease your time spent cleaning. Make a 10-20 minutes clean routine for example after work! Good routine makes really does make things so much easier and quicker to complete.

Make your weekend free! – It’s more effective habit is to clean a little bit each day rather than jump into intensive weekend cleaning binges. If you only do a quick daily clean, your weekends will be free to spend doing the things you love.

Take off your shoes! - Your shoes contain all sorts of nasty microorganisms that you don’t want to track through your home. So take off your shoes, when you come home!

+1 You’re so handy Rendi! - In the case of weekly and biweekly intervals, we increased the discount rate so we offer 18% discount on a weekly order, while 15% on a biweekly regular basis from the base package price. Sounds good?

Keep your home clean with Rendi!

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