Transform Your Work Experience With König+Neurath In Hungary

  • 18 Nov 2019 12:45 PM
Transform Your Work Experience With König+Neurath In Hungary
From cabinet manufacturer to all-round provider of office furniture and room systems with an international market: König + Neurath’s company history reflects the transformation in the workplace – whilst shaping its future since 1925.

Work culture: a concept that not everyone’s aware of yet. But it’s about to get much bigger. Why? The workplace is undergoing rapid changes.

We can’t really predict exactly what this change will look like. But we can pick up on tendencies and identify the essence of our work culture, as well as technical developments and trends.

Work culture is defined by a number of factors. These include the way people communicate and perform tasks, management style, and technical emphasis – to name but a few. All this characterises the way we behave with each other, the work culture within the company.

With knowledge of this culture, it’s possible to design working environments specifically for that company so that they are ideal for achieving potential over the long term. And good-quality, requirement-specific work environments are the best basis for corporate achievement and successful employer branding.

König + Neurath is committed to this goal: we work together with companies to identify the characteristic features of their work culture in order to develop the best solutions for furniture, room systems and a new sense of space.

The Karben-based company has been following and understanding the changes within Germany’s office industry since its inception in 1925.

Whereas in the early days the focus was still on individual products for the classic workstation, nowadays comprehensive support for integrated development processes is of course a key part of the service – and this is implemented in cooperation with strong dealer partnerships.

(Carl-Christoph Held the Chairman of the Board of Management at König + Neurath AG)

König + Neurath as a business on the one hand, the world of work as the realm of society on the other - two mirrored sets of numbers which stand alone and yet also correspond.

Admittedly, numbers are not the only thing that defines a business and describes a society. And yet they speak for themselves: quality “made in Germany”, international operations and reliability for employees on the K+N side. Expectations, habits and challenges on the side of the world of work.

Fascinating facts on both sides which invite comparison and interpretation.

König + Neurath In Numbers

90,000 square metres of production space at König + Neurath.
~ 1000 people are employed at König + Neurath.
1 production site: made in Germany.
Nine showrooms across Europe show our portfolio for the integrative workplace.
16 years is the average length of service of K+N employees. The average in Germany is 10.9 years.
3.5 million km: the distance travelled in a year by König + Neurath’s truck fleet. This is equivalent to 87.5 times round the world.

The World Of Work In Numbers

62 % of employees find a well-equipped, attractive workplace more important than a higher salary. (Source: Forsa, HIH Bürostudie (Office Survey), 2016)

85 % of all employees drink at least three cups of coffee a day. 70% believe their performance at work would be reduced without coffee. (Source: Pressat, Which profession drinks the most ) coffee?, 2011

78 % of employees are sure that workplace design directly affects their productivity.

Source: Industrieverband Büro- und Arbeitswelt (Interior business association) (Wohlbefinden im Büro (Well-being in the office), 2017

91 % consider noise to be the greatest stress factor in the office.
Source: Forsa, HIH-Bürostudie (Office Survey), 2016)

90 % of employees rate mobile working as basically positive.
Source: Fraunhofer IAO, Studie Wirksame Büro- und Arbeitswelten (Effective Office and Working Environments study), 2017

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