Diving Deeply: Hungarian Folktales, 8 December

  • 24 Nov 2020 8:01 AM
Diving Deeply: Hungarian Folktales, 8 December
The Diving Deeply series invites participants to explore stories with rich metaphor and mystery, seeking meanings below the surface that often affect the listener - and the storyteller - without their awareness.

Participants dissect the stories, their symbols and metaphors, and uncover both the first set of meanings that seem to present themselves and then consider alternative tellings and impacts. 

In this series, you can dive deeply into the world of Hungarian magic tales dating back to shamanic culture, and their unique and archetypal characters.

This special edition of Diving Deeply into Stories is being offered with Maja Bumberák, and Maggid Jim Brulé. Bumberák is a renowned storyteller and singer based in Budapest, Hungary.

She is known around the world for her storytelling, and even more so for researching and reviving the artform of oral storytelling in Hungary.

As a scholarship holder of the Hungarian Academy of Arts, she is training teachers and student teachers in oral storytelling.

Maggid Jim Brulé is a transformational storyteller, and the founder of the Transformational Storytelling school, of which this program is a part. Brulé also works with organizations and communities to bring the power of storytelling to healing the fractures which so often divide us around race, class, faith tradition, and culture.

His two-year program has graduated students from around the world, including several ordinations of Jewish students as a Maggid - a spiritual storyteller in the Jewish tradition.

Note: This is a two-class series occurring on 2 consecutive Tuesdays: 8 and 15 Dec. Each class is 90 minutes.

Date and time: 
Tuesday, 8 December, 5 pm 
Tuesday, 15 December, 5 pm

Diving Deeply - Hungarian Folktales

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