Flying Tiger Debuts Private Shopping Service In Hungary

  • 8 Dec 2020 9:11 AM
  • Budapest Business Journal
Flying Tiger Debuts Private Shopping Service In Hungary
The Danish Flying Tiger Copenhagen chain became one of the first businesses to launch a private shopping service in Hungary, which provides a convenient shopping opportunity before official opening hours for those who pre-register.

The service was launched on December 4. 

Up to 20 people per shop can register for quarter-hour private shopping periods, meaning that those who pre-registered can shop in a calmer, less crowded environment, which might also be attractive to customers worried about coming into contact with COVID-19.

Shoppers have to select the store where they want to do their shopping, and then book pick one from the offered dates.

The network, which looks to introduce everyday Danish design to Hungary has 11 shops, with eight of them located in Budapest. For the time being, private shopping is available in five shops in Budapest, in Budaörs, and in Kecskemét.

There is no minimum purchase obligation associated with the use of the new service, and in addition to purchases exceeding HUF 5,000, Flying Tiger also hands out a present of colored Christmas wrapping paper.

In December, the product range of the shop network will be renewed several times a week: the more demanding creative hobbies and board games will also play a major role in the product range, according to a press release.

"In addition to creativity, our offer is characterized by cheerfulness and humor: it is good to see our customers shopping with a smile.

The traditionally Danish ʼhyggeʼ feeling of life also means this: when you feel good for no particular reason because you are surrounded by happiness, friendliness, homely warmth.

Additionally, this feeling, which the Danes say will help you through even the long, dark winter, can be taken home and preserved with our products. Maybe thatʼs why Flying Tiger is popular” said János Locher, CEO of Tiger Stores Hungary Zrt.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen opened its first shop in Hungary in 2015. Today 11 shops operate under the management of Tiger Stores Hungary Zrt. in the domestic network, and it is planned to open further shops next year.

In the first year, the company’s gross sales revenue was HUF 600 million, climbing to HUF 2.8 billion in 2019.

Photo courtesy of Flying Tiger Copenhagen

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