'Budapest Architecture Film Days' @ Toldi Cinema, Until 8 March

  • 5 Mar 2020 11:21 AM
'Budapest Architecture Film Days' @ Toldi Cinema, Until 8 March
Embrace your emotions and stand up for the planet, the city, the neighborhood, the spaces and the places you love.

The time has come to move away from anthropocentric thinking: to stop for a second and look around. Although the separation between nature and man is very deeply embedded in our culture, there is a need in many of us to bridge this gap. 

Imagine that man is no longer the distinguished character among the creatures of the world: creatures and objects exist independently of human perception. Imagine being able to connect emotionally with our immediate environment, being able to relearn to connect with our world, our continent, our city, our street. What does it feel like?

The boom in the construction industry, the ever-growing tourism that is breaking records each year, and the exploitation of green areas are transforming the image, demographics and environmental characteristics of cities. While we tend to see those as signs of prosperity, we have never been so uncertain about the future and what lies ahead. 

How can we rely on the emotional bonds we have woven with our personal belongings, our dearest objects, our homes, our buildings, our streets, our squares, our parks, or the trees in front of our windows? How can we prevent real estate speculation from taking over urban life?

How do we protect our natural and community resources from becoming victims of rampant consumption? How do we preserve our architectural heritage without them becoming sad and empty hulls or being obliterated by oblivion and historical negationism?

What are the dominant emotions today? Climate anxiety or the admiration of technology?

The fear fueled by various menaces or the calm disposition of “stay who you are and do what you already do”? The happiness stemming from increased welfare levels or the sadness felt over the bygone past?

Who is responsible for the state of the planet or our immediate urban environment? Are all people equally accountable and capable of acting? Instead of going into denial, how can we respond to the crisis we are living in?

Check out the programme here.

Toldi Cinema
1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36-38.


Photo courtesy of the organisers

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