Official: Covid-19 Epidemic Subsiding In Hungary

  • 26 May 2020 7:45 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Official: Covid-19 Epidemic Subsiding In Hungary
The novel coronavirus epidemic is subsiding in Hungary, Chief Medical Officer Cecilia Muller said on Monday.

Fully 430 patients are undergoing treatment in hospitals, she said. Out of 3,756 registered patients, three have been infants.

Among 1-14 year-olds, Hungary has registered 47 cases, and among 15-19 year-olds there have been 30. Among adults, 267 cases occurred among 20-29 year-olds and 318 among 30-39 year-olds, she said. Among 40-49 year-olds, the number of registered cases was 529 and among 50-59 year-olds, 587.

The last active age group, 60-64 year-olds, had 264 registered infections, while there was 946 among 65-79 year-olds, she said. Fully 765 patients above the age of 80 have been registered, she said.

Of the patients treated with coronavirus, 228 of those above 80 have died out of a total of 491, Muller said. The number of fatalities was 24 in the 60-64 age group, 19 between patients aged 50-59, eight among those aged 40-49 and three among those in their thirties, she said. Fully 209 64-79 year-olds have died. There have been 5 deaths and 38 registered cases per 100,000.

On the subject on restoring outpatient services in Hungarian health care, Muller said there was no set deadline for a full reopening. Services with screenings of great significance from a public health point of view are being gradually resumed, she said.

Speaking at the same press conference, operative board spokesman Robert Kiss said 691 home quarantines were ordered by the authorities on Sunday, with 11,810 currently in effect. Police have taken action in 392 cases of violations of epidemic-related regulations, 106 of them for spreading fake news, he said.

Kiss also noted that Hungary and Serbia now allow the two countries’ citizens to cross the common border without having to undergo mandatory home quarantine.

According to the new regulations in force starting on Monday morning, travellers who detect the symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days of entering the country are ordered to self-quarantine and notify the authorities, he said.

MTI Photo of street in Pécs, after the end of restrictions: Tamás Sóki

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