Video: Hungarian Dancers' Message To World By Urban Verbunk

  • 7 May 2020 10:50 AM
Video: Hungarian Dancers' Message To World By Urban Verbunk
Urban Verbunk, founded by one of the most acclaimed young Hungarian dancers Moussa Ahmed, responded to the global viral situation with a soul-strengthening clip.

The video shows a universal dance art piece built on traditional Hungarian folk dance elements for the adaptation of the Christian choral music Kyrie Eleison.

”We pray with dance.”

Urban Verbunk, which synthesizes various forms of the universal dance culture and the treasure of Hungarian folk dance, responds to the current world situation in the language of movements. The video was recorded weeks ago in a church before the impose national quarantine.

“We pray with dance.” The crisis encourages us to strengthen our soul.” Says artistic director Ahmed Moussa. The young dancer, who has been awarded prestigious art awards in his homeland, brings together the most talented young dancers from Hungary and Hungarians living cross boarder in this art company.

“We want to reach out to everyone with the help of our new Hungarian dance style.”

Traditional movements are made more attractive and spectacular with extreme elements such as the unique dancing in handstand positions. Urban Verbunk, which created a new Hungarian dance style, is not only a dance company but also a center responsible for the innovation and education of Hungarian folk art.

Learn more about them here & here.


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