Hungarian Opinion: Forint Depicted As More Resilient Than The Euro

  • 6 Aug 2020 7:03 AM
Hungarian Opinion: Forint Depicted As More Resilient Than The Euro
A pro-government pundit regards the Forint as the cornerstone of Hungary’s political and economic independence, and predicts that the Hungarian currency will outlast the Euro.

On Mozgásgér blog, Zoltán Kiszelly predicts that the Forint, introduced 74 years ago, will outlast the Euro.

The pro-government analyst recalls that the national currency was introduced after an unprecedented inflation shock and has outlived most other regional currencies.

Kiszelly thinks that the Euro is an ’incomplete product’ that cannot be sustained forever in its current form, as the monetary interests of richer north European countries differ substantially from those of the South. Kiszelly is glad that Hungary is in a position to observe their dispute from the sidelines.

He also suggests that intense quantitative easing will, at some point, inevitably result in a currency crisis. He concludes that the Hungarian Left’s arguments in favour of the Euro are groundless and lack any economic rationality.

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