Video: Budapest Gallery Participates In ’Not Cancelled’ Digital Art Week

  • 12 May 2020 10:39 AM
Video: Budapest Gallery Participates In ’Not Cancelled’ Digital Art Week
Seen until 18 May. Budapest's Ani Molnár Gallery participates in not cancelled "east x south", a week-long digital art event of 17 galleries from the broader south-eastern European region, comprising galleries from - besides Hungary - Romania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey and Georgia that will start on May 12th at 10 am CET.

This edition of not cancelled was initiated by Sariev, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) and LambdaLambdaLambda, Prishtina (Kosovo).

The idea to group these galleries from the wider region arose from the common denominator of all galleries operating in the periphery of the contemporary art market, while all being crucial representatives of their local art scenes within a global context.

Therefore they are particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, since they are also dependent on visibility outside their local markets. Not cancelled celebrates the artistic activities of this region as a whole by joining forces.

The website will be accessible between May 12-18, and will feature exhibitions and daily live content such as streamings, talks and guided tours. The gallery will present Zsolt Asztalos visual artist on its personal page.

The solo show of Asztalos 'My Art' will be on display after the reopening of the gallery, due to the current epidemic situation.

Photo courtesy of the organisers / Asztalos Zsolt


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