Breast Cancer Awareness Month @ Dr. Rose Private Hospital In Budapest

  • 22 Oct 2020 2:05 PM
Breast Cancer Awareness Month @ Dr. Rose Private Hospital In Budapest
In Hungary more than 2,300 women die every year from malignant breast cancer, and nearly 8,300 new cases are diagnosed. Early detection of the disease helps the chances of recovery, and accordingly during the month of October awareness is being raised regarding breast cancer screening and more.

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Frequently asked questions about breast cancer & mammography:

How best can we prevent breast cancer?

The most important means of combating breast cancer is regular screening. In addition, the chance of developing the disease can be reduced by maintaining the ideal body weight, minimizing alcohol consumption and smoking, and taking regular exercise.

How often is screening required?
According to professional protocol, screenings are carried out annually, with a breast ultrasound for  under 35-year olds and a mammography for those over 35 years of age, which we supplement with a breast ultrasound examination. The imaging tests to be performed can be influenced by several factors, such as age, family and individual medical history, various risk factors, breast size and structure, as well as the menstrual cycle.

Is a breast examination painful?
During a mammogram, the breast is compressed to ensure that fewer breast tissues overlap during the X-ray and that the breast does not move. The examination takes a few minutes, during which the breasts' compression may feel uncomfortable.

How much radiation exposure does the test involve?
Mammograms involve minimal radiation exposure, which is only a fraction more than the background radiation arising from the natural environment.

Is a mammogram possible with a breast implant?
In the case of breast implants a regular mammogram examination is equally important. Before the test, just indicate that you have a breast implant.

What is the recommendation for the timing of a mammogram?
A mammogram is recommended from between 7 to 10 days after the first day of menstruation.

What is a modern mammogram like?
Digital mammogram devices, with less radiation exposure, give a more accurate image and patients are assured a more convenient and faster examination.

What else can I do for my health?
Learning self-examination is important for all ages, since the disease also occurs in women under the age of 35. In cases of regular menstruation, examine your breasts every month, preferably on the same day. Even during menopause, perform a self-examination once a month on a specific day.

What symptoms should a self-examination monitor?

  • lumps in the breast or armpits, denser areas of tissue

  • changes in breast size or shape

  • changes in the skin surface of the breast

  • inversion/retraction of the nipple

  • discharge or bleeding nipples

  • discoloured, peeling skin surface

  • orange peel-like skin surface

Consult your doctor immediately with any of the above symptoms.

Full breast cancer screening tests are available at Dr. Rose Private Hospital.

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