WhiskyNet: The Ultimate Source For Your Favourite Booze, Home Delivered In Hungary

  • 22 May 2020 2:38 PM
WhiskyNet: The Ultimate Source For Your Favourite Booze, Home Delivered In Hungary
Craving some special, even exceptional alcoholic beverages? We've got a secret to share, we know where expats in Hungary can find exactly what they're looking for, and more.

Say it's for a loved one as a heartwarming gift, or to enjoy with family at weekends, or as a treat for themselves after so long in lockdown, expats we know love this trusted supplier.

Yet many folks still may not have heard the great news about the best website in Hungary to put you in good spirits.

For truly the best selection of premium drinks in Budapest, and nationwide, the search is over - just head over to Whiskynet.hu where you can easily order your desired spirit, and what's more your order will be delivered to your door within a few days.

Even if we can't travel right now, we can still taste the rest of the world via a glass!

The company carefully selected spirits from all over the world, so you will find fine Scottish, American, Irish, Japanese, and Caribbean booze.

While it is still best for all of us to stay at home in these challenging times, we don't have to relinquish some enjoyment and precious moments, for example with our family accompanied by a good dram.

The easy to use webshop of WhiskyNet offers a mouthwatering range of first-class whiskies, rums, gins and other premium spirits.

The expat friendly team at WhiskyNet presents real expertise in selecting an oustanding portfolio, to make sure that every spirit lover can satisfy their heart desires.

There are well-known brands as well as real gems and rarities. There are many older Scottish whiskies (in promotion now), and whisky brands like Arran, Glenfarclas, Nikka, Kilchoman, rum brands such as Plantation and Diplomatico just to name a few,  and gins from all over the world e.g. Cotswolds, Edinburgh, Citadelle, Ki No Bi, and many more.

Good to know is that WhiskyNet is an independent, family owned company with over 13 years of hands-on experience - and are very well respected by all in the business of booze.

From experience it's wise to check their webshop regularly because great new additions are continuously added to the range provided by WhiskyNet. For example:

One of the latest star attractions are the Heaven’s Door whiskeys from Bob Dylan.

Yep, they're now available in Hungary, and you can get 'em easily via this URL: www.whiskynet.hu 

The purchase process is simple, you send out an order safely and comfortably from your home, and the country-wide delivery system arranges shipping within a few working days anywhere in Hungary.

More good news, the free shipping value is now lowered to only 15.000 HUF, and the home delivery is totally free on “Green Mondays” (every first Monday of each month).

There are also constantly changing promotions with price discounts or even with value added gifts, such as branded glasses, notepads, caps and a lot of other promotional items.

You might also like to know, just if you don't already, WhiskyNet also operates an upscale downtown bar on Veres Pálné street 7 (Budapest 1053), called: 

GoodSpirit Whisky & Cocktail Bar

It's well worth a visit, once bars are open again, as you can buy and try hundreds of premium spirits from the WhiskyNet portfolio in the amazing spirit shop located at the same address.

For now, check out the very impressive selection of spirits available online at Whiskynet.hu - like us you may well feel teh need to treat others, and yourself, to at least a bottle or two of your favourite international spirits – after all shipping is free above HUF 15.000 order value!

Click here to visit WhiskyNet online

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