Hungarian Opinion: Ruminations On Future Of EU

  • 7 Jan 2021 8:13 AM
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Hungarian Opinion: Ruminations On Future Of EU
A pro-government columnist expects fierce disputes over migration to dominate the European Union in 2021. A left-wing commentator wonders whether the Hungarian government might quit the increasingly integrated European Union.

Magyar Hírlap’s Mariann Őry thinks that the EU will face major challenges in 2021. The pro-government columnist suggests that migration and refugee issues will ‘remain’ the most important issues for the EU.

Although migration creates tension throughout Europe, the Hungarian government cannot expect that the EU leadership will make a U-turn and abandon its previous course, or ‘give up plans for migrant redistribution quotas’, Őry predicts.

In Népszava, Ferenc Dávid in a response to Tamás Fricz’s article on the future of the EU thinks that after the deal on the new budget and the coronavirus recovery fund, the EU has become better integrated than ever before, despite the ‘deviant behavior’ of the Hungarian and Polish governments, which threatened the EU by initially vetoing the budget.

Dávid, who also works as an advisor for the Democratic Coalition, dismisses Fricz’s suggestion that the EU may be threatened by disintegration. The left-wing commentator believes that ‘the troublemaker’ Hungary will become more isolated in the EU.

He concludes by wondering whether the Hungarian government might follow the UK and quit the Union.

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