Hungarian Opinion: Government & Opposition Found At Fault In The Covid Pandemic

  • 24 Feb 2021 3:44 PM
  • BudaPost
Hungarian Opinion: Government & Opposition Found At Fault In The Covid Pandemic
A centrist analyst accuses both political sides of using the COVID emergency to promote cheap propaganda.

On Azonnali, Rafael Petróczi thinks the opposition is missing an opportunity to come forward with tangible alternative programmes to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences on the economy as well as on people’s everyday lives.

He is no more satisfied with the behaviour of the government, which has just launched a new nationwide consultation to gauge public opinion about the lifting of the partial lockdown it has imposed to contain the epidemic.

Petróczi is certain that pro-government pollsters have already provided trustworthy answers to the 7 questions, so he suspects that the form people are requested to fill in is really designed to serve propaganda purposes and establish contact with individual voters ahead of next year’s electoral campaign.

The opposition was also led by similar intentions, he suspects, when it proposed the establishment of a parliamentary committee to revise Covid crisis management.

The government side hasn’t joined in and Petróczi finds it only too natural that opposition MPs nevertheless meet regularly to discuss the issue. His problem is that they are advancing already discredited ideas like paying a fee to those who accept vaccination.

Thus, he writes, the opposition is missing a golden opportunity to prove its competence in handling society’s problems.

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