Hungarian Opinion: Criticism Of Gyurcsány’s ‘There Will Be No Mercy’ Comment

  • 10 Apr 2021 5:43 AM
  • BudaPost
Hungarian Opinion: Criticism Of Gyurcsány’s ‘There Will Be No Mercy’ Comment
Pro-government commentators take Mr Gyurcsány’s threat at face value, compare him to past communist executioners and question his sanity.

Addressing Parliament on Wednesday, DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsány accused the government of mishandling the Covid pandemic and thus of responsibility for the death of hundreds of citizens. ‘There will be no mercy’, he remarked, and said that today’s leaders will end up in jail next year once the opposition wins the parliamentary elections.

In a furious ‘open letter’ to Mr Gyurcsány on Magyar Nemzet, Zsolt Bayer calls the DK leader a perfect embodiment of ‘moral insanity’. Meanwhile, he takes his threat seriously, as well as the possibility of the opposition winning the next elections.

He cautions Mr Gyurcsány against using a threatening tone and threatens in turn that three million Fidesz supporters would not remain idle should such threats materialise.

In Magyar Hírlap, Károly Bán likens Mr Gyurcsány to Tibor Szamuely, the main person responsible for the red terror under the first communist dictatorship in Hungary in 1919.

The people whom the DK leader would jail are those who assured Hungary a leading position within Europe in terms of Covid vaccination rates, he fulminates, and therefore the punishment envisaged for them would merely reflect the same hatred that motivated Szamuely and his accomplices in 1919.

By contrast, he lists a series of missteps by Gyurcsány while serving as Prime Minister from 2004 to 2009, for which he never spent even an hour in jail.

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