Watch: 'Intellectual Conversation' On Hungary’s Role In The EU

  • 6 May 2021 11:19 AM
Watch: 'Intellectual Conversation' On Hungary’s Role In The EU
For years, Hungary has been at the vanguard of a growing group of EU countries, challenging some of the values and legal principles at the core of liberal democracy. At the same time, voices inside the country call for Brussels to help stop autocratic tendencies and backsliding on the rule of law. 

Hungary is in many ways a test case for the European integration project and it is still far from obvious what the result of that test will be.

See below for the Opening Talk of the series 'Debates on Europe: Budapest & Beyond. Defending Intellectual Freedom'

4–7 May 2021 with

Timothy Garton Ash (professor of European Studies at Oxford University)
Moderators: Gian-Paolo Accardo (editor-in-chief, Voxeurop) and
Réka Kinga Papp (editor-in-chief, Eurozine)

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