What Do Members of AmCham Hungary Plan for 'New Normal'?

  • 2 Jun 2021 2:38 PM
What Do Members of AmCham Hungary Plan for 'New Normal'?
AmCham Hungary run a short survey among its members in May, in order to learn more about the member companies’ current way of working and plans for the post-pandemic period. We have received 90 responses from companies operating in more than ten different sectors.

The survey results can be downloaded from here.

A large portion of the companies that answered operates in the business services or the services sector, although companies from the IT/Telco, finance, electronic manufacturing and healthcare providers were represented as well. 

More than half of the respondents were large enterprises (employing 250-1000 or 1000+ people), thus the results mainly reflect on their operations and plans.

In this anonymous, multiple choice survey, members were asked about the current mode of operation and when they plan to open and go back to the office. 82% percent said that their offices are open, although 27% indicated that only a specific number of colleagues are allowed to be there simultaneously.

On the other hand, around 10 % of the respondents said that their offices are closed and employees work from home.

When it comes to deciding when one should return to the offices, more factors are taken into account, such as the Hungarian government’s recommendations, corporate policy and the local statistics (number of daily COVID cases and deaths).

Only 9% suggested that they make this decision based on the sufficient number of vaccinated colleagues. Interestingly, 2% indicated that they are not planning to return to the office in 2021.

The majority of those who return to the office will decide how many colleagues will be allowed first based on either their own home office policy (48%) or a specific percentage based on the size of the office (23%).

None of the respondents indicated that they would let in colleagues with vaccination/immunity certificates.

It turns out that 2/3rd of the companies will operate in a hybrid mode in the post-covid period, with allowing employees to work from home 2-3 days on average per week. 17% said that they plan to continue providing unlimited home office opportunity even after the pandemic.

When we asked about the greatest HR challenges, predominantly employee motivation and wellbeing were the greatest issues among the responding companies. Additionally, retaining talents and hiring & onboarding new colleagues seemed to be another pressing challenge among HR professionals.

Finally, the willingness to attend events personally was surveyed, with positive results: more than 2/3rd of the respondents said they would like to attend real-life events when the government restrictions are lifted, although open air events are preferred (33%).

When organizing real-life events, we will take into consideration this data.


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