DAAD Gathering / 'Mini OZORA Fest', Dádpuszta, 6 - 8 August

  • 4 Aug 2021 10:54 AM
DAAD Gathering / 'Mini OZORA Fest', Dádpuszta, 6 - 8 August
A long time ago Dádpuszta used to be home to many families. A community house was built, a school, a granary, there was work for the residents, and a wonderful world for the children.

Nature has also gone through an incredible metamorphosis, leaving traces of this present long into the future.

The beauty of the natural and structural environment blending together, the powers of the land fills visitors with special energies.

Wanderers, artists and music lovers first came here for the 1999 solar eclipse, and the Valley has since been home to O.Z.O.R.A for almost two decades. In the meantime a small village grew out of the ground again; with buildings, infrastructure, roads, restaurants, pubs, private plumbing, shower stalls.

The idea of ​​another event, another few more days, during which the fields could be filled with those who long here, has been forming for a long time.

Thoughts were followed by decisions and deeds, and it has now become certain that Daad Festival is setting off this summer.

The weekend we’re planning will clearly be different, but still similar in spirit to the events the grounds have hosted so far, and a whole new experience altogether.

Life will fill the Dome, the Dragon’s Nest, the Cooking Grove…

However, the Main Stage will only be reopened at the next O.Z.O.R.A. Festival.

On August 6, we’re powering up the machinery; furnaces, wells, switches, transformers, machines, musical instruments, speakers, rusty dancing feet...

The program is coming soon, as well as ticket sales, starting with a registration fee, in two phases as follows:

• Normal: 65 EUR (21 EUR registration fee and 45 EUR at the gates)
• Without registration the ticket price at the gates is: 85 EUR

There’s no daily ticket.
The ticket price includes camping and entry with a car or RV.

A tobacco shop will be available on the territory.

Further information

Gate opening: August 5. Thursday 15:00

Rules and regulations: https://daad.hu/safety
(You can find the children and pet registration here)

You can only attend the event with an immunity certificate (or application) or a EU digital COVID certificate.
(See list of contracting countries below whose certificates are recognized.)

Unfortunately, we cannot accept other documents, tests, or vaccination certificates.

At the gates you can pay in cash (EUR or HUF) or with a credit card.

We recommend the holders of OTP SZÉP cards to settle the full amount by a week before the event, because there won’t be a SZÉP POS terminal at the gates.

At the gates we only accept PERSONALIZED tickets. This means that your personal data – with which you registered your ticket – HAS TO MATCH the data in the identification document (passport, ID card, driver’s license) that you show us.

If you have to update your uploaded ID photo, you can do so on the ‘check my ticket’ (ellenőrizd a jegyemet) page, after providing your email address and ticket number, which you can find under the ticket terms and conditions.

We also accept the immunity certificates of the following countries:
Albania, Bahrain, Albania, Bahrain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Northern Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.

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