MCC Festival, Esztergom, 5 – 7 August

  • 26 Jul 2021 5:38 PM
MCC Festival, Esztergom, 5 – 7 August
Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC) will present its talent development programs and community life, as well as exciting public discussions and colorful popular music concerts under the title "We Give a Voice to Talent".

MCC Fest will take place in Esztergom between 5-7 August.

There will be events in 8 venues on 6 stages, and the whole city center of Esztergom will be filled with life. The Csík Band, the Magashegyi Underground, PASO, Vera Tóth, András Kállay Saunders, Lotfi Begi and DJ Dominique will perform during the festival.

In addition to entertainment, the MCC Feszt also features presentations and discussions of public, cultural and social issues.

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet renowned foreign and Hungarian academics and gain insights into the careers of famous people who can serve as role models through their success in life.

 Our guests will share their success stories, including Renée DiResta, who also appeared in the successful docudrama The Social DilemmaDennis Mark Prager, best-selling American author and radio talk show host, and Abishur Prakash, a world-renowned futurologist of Indian origin.

At the MCC Feszt, well-known Hungarian speakers and public figures will discuss topics such as the corona virus pandemic, the challenges facing the European Union, the direction of the development of Hungarian culture, or the secret of success from the perspective of top Hungarian entrepreneurs.

The Edu Promenade next to the Little Danube will showcase MCC's full range of training courses, and we will also invite our partner organizations.

We believe it is important to meet these organizations as well as the student associations, and all those who are also committed to supporting Hungarian talent.

With this in mind, guests of the MCC Feszt include the Semmelweis University, the University of Public Service, the Corvinus Sudents’ Union, the National Association of Student and Youth Journalists and the Christian Roma Colleges for Advanced Studies.

MCC Fest is open and basically free of charge. However, it is also possible to buy a so-called MCC Feszt Pass, which offers a number of benefits (e.g. entry to the Party Arena, free camping at Gran Camping and entry to the Saint Stephen Baths, free shuttle from Esztergom train station to the MCC Feszt, reduced prices for food/drinks).

MCC, Hungary's largest talent nurturing institution, has been operating for 25 years with a unique pedagogical program committed to supporting the development of young talents.

Its aim is to help more young people in Hungary and abroad to develop their professional careers, and one of the prerequisites for this is to make its unique free training courses available to more young people.

Not only do the participants of the MCC programs receive professional training, but they also become part of a community of same-age young people.

Besides gaining unique knowledge, they can also make lifelong friendships through shared adventures. This is what the MCC Feszt aims to convey, making the experience of Hungarian unity itself accessible to a wider public.

Detailed program and tickets

MCC Feszt

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