Enjoy Autumn in the Outdoors of Budapest

  • 20 Sep 2021 5:55 AM
Enjoy Autumn in the Outdoors of Budapest
Pleasantly warm rays from the sun, yellowing leaves and a sunset that occurs ever earlier as the days go by are all part of Budapest’s autumnal atmosphere. This is the best time for exploring the city on foot and for immersing ourselves in its unparalleled beauty.

Nature-lovers should not miss out on taking a walk around Margaret Island in the autumn sunshine. From Margaret Bridge, which spans the Danube, the favourite resting place for capital dwellers is just a few minutes away.

Visitors can stroll around the recreational area – once called the Island of Rabbits – under the splendid autumn foliage of ancient trees. Nowadays, the eponymous rabbits can only be found in Margaret Island’s wildlife park in the company of deer, ponies and unique birds – but animal lovers are free to pet them if they wish.

Still wish to spend some time in nature? The Zugligeti Chairlift is an excellent option whether visitors are looking for a family adventure or a romantic date with their significant other. Over the course of the more than 1-kilometre long journey, visitors can marvel at the city’s beauty while travelling above the foliage of the trees. 

Should the weather turn gloomy and rainy, there is a wide range of underground treasures that are worth exploring. The cave systems underneath the capital hide true wonders that visitors can catch a glimpse of if they go to the Pál-völgyi or Szemlő-hegyi caves. Pál-völgyi cave represents Hungary’s longest cave system, where visitors will be dazzled by fabulous dripstone formations during the guided tour which takes place every hour.

Szemlő-hegyi cave is often referred to as Budapest’s underground flower garden, where an interactive exhibition, a screening room, a playground and a study trail await all visitors.


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