3h Architects In Budapest Celebrates Birthday With Their Book’s Presentation

  • 10 May 2021 10:27 AM
3h Architects In Budapest Celebrates Birthday With Their Book’s Presentation
An architectural monograph titled Spaces of Intensity was published on the works of 3h architects (Katalin Csillag, Zsolt Gunther) in the care of Birkhäuser in Basel.

3h architects was founded in 1994 by Katalin Csillag and Zsolt Gunther with the aim of conveying architectural ideas in the form of contemporary, complexly interpretable and multifaceted buildings.

On May 1, 2021, the office celebrated the 15th anniversary of its relocation to Budapest by holding a book presentation showcasing their monograph which contains all of their works up to date.

This is the first monograph on a contemporary Hungarian architectural firm – apart from Imre Makovecz – to be presented by a foreign publishing house on the European stage.

The book illustrates their way of thinking, what inspires them, as well as provides insight into how 3h mould their design and bring forth new qualities through their works.

Present in Budapest since 2006, the firm was originally operating in Győr for 12 years.

From province to metropolis: the change in the location was also accompanied by an increase in the size and complexity of the tasks

– in addition to smaller rural buildings, large-scale projects appeared, such as the building complex of the recently completed Moholy-Nagy University of Arts, the Geometry office building in Buda, the rethinking of the neglected squares of the Szeged Cathedral, and the renovation of the west wing of the Eszterházy Castle in Fertőd, which are also presented in this volume.

The volume presents not only the work of the office, but also the inspiring medium in which 3h creates.

The book focuses on four main themes that appear with varying emphasis in their works: context and typology, intermediate space, space and light, decoration. 3h develops the most appropriate answer for the specific area through a thorough analysis of each task, avoiding empty, sensationalist solutions.

This book is an intensive dialogue of many voices as 3h’s oeuvre doesn’t subscribe to any specific movement nor aims to create a peculiar stylistic signature: the focus is on coming up with designs which are situation-specific in their sensory and functional solutions. 

Recurring notions include the harmonic, yet dramaturgical orchestration of space and light and the dialogical narrative, which, through sensitive intersections breathe new life into historical buildings or reinterpret new sites.

Spaces of Intensity include nine completed and five non-constructed buildings elaborated on by renewed architectural theorists and historians as well as the architects themselves.

The book is introduced by Swiss-Hungarian architect, theorist and historian Ákos Moravánszky.

Essays and project profiles from the pen of various authors focus on the practice’s key interests in the context of Hungary’s architectural culture: space and light, typology, context and ornament. Each piece is accompanied by photo illustrations of Balázs Danyi and the works of graphic designer Zalán Salát.

The book illustrates in English their way of thinking, what inspires them, and provides insight into how 3h mould their design and bring forth new qualities through their works.

The virtual book launch and further info can be found at:

The working title of the book is Spaces of Intensity. The book has been published in a hardcover format with 288 pages, in 300 x 220 mm dimensions.

The books are distributed by Birkhäuser and can be found in various specialized bookstores and on Amazon worldwide. 

In Hungary, you can find the book at FUGA, Írók Boltja, ISBN Book+Gallery and MONO art & design.

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