B+N Budapest: What Would Our World Be Without Cleaners?

  • 18 Mar 2021 10:25 AM
B+N Budapest: What Would Our World Be Without Cleaners?
Cleanliness usually goes unnoticed. So do those who work tirelessly for our taken-for-granted comfort and safety. At B+N Zrt. they strive to make their cleaning staff feel the appreciation that their work deserves.

From B+N Zrt Team:

For most people cleaners go unnoticed. While we occasionally have casual talks with other workers, it’s as if cleaners were invisible: we don’t say hello to them in the elevator, we don’t even say a few words to them when they are actually emptying our bins or vacuuming round us.

Unfortunately it is generally true that many don’t appreciate or even look down on the work of the cleaner.

We would like to change that.

Cleaners deserve so much more than that. They are essential for us to live the comfortable and safe life that we take for granted.

Order and cleanliness is far from being a natural state, in the background we always find the person who created those circumstances. The person who is happy when their conscientious work is noticed and appreciated. The person who is just as proud of their job as a doctor or a teacher and does their job with the same passion.

Just as we appreciate cleanliness, each cleaner deserves our appreciation too.

Nowadays it is more true than ever as their job is a matter of life and death. Just as during any other pandemic, they have worked through the coronavirus pandemic and stood their ground heroically.

They clean and disinfect hospitals, transport vehicles and office buildings so that everyone can work, travel and recover in a safe environment.

We appreciate the dedication and hard work of all cleaners!

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