International School Of Budapest: Choosing A School During Lockdown By ISB Principal John Hart

  • 18 Jan 2021 3:56 PM
International School Of Budapest: Choosing A School During Lockdown By ISB Principal John Hart
One of the most important, and potentially difficult decisions, which parents can make for their children is to decide upon their school. This is difficult in ‘normal’ times when schools have official Open Days and parents can also visit schools at other times.

This gives them and their children, the opportunity to see the school in action, meet the staff and other pupils and soak up the atmosphere and ethos of the school – to capture the school’s essence, its uniqueness. In such a way, it was generally relatively easy to appreciate the differences between schools.

However, Covid 19 has changed all that. Schools have had to close their doors to outsiders in order to keep the pupils and staff safely inside. Consequently, all schools are having to find new ways of showing themselves at their best when it is not possible to show parents what it’s actually like.

Here at the International School of Budapest we have decided against producing a shiny pre-recorded video tour of the school as we feel that it would look too staged and forced. Therefore, we have produced four shorter videos which feature principally interviews with staff, pupils and parents.

We have done this because we feel that this enables interested parents and pupils to gain a much clearer picture of what makes ISB such a unique school. In addition, we are also offering three ‘virtual’ days, making full use of Google, Face Book and Zoom to help inform interested parents.

They can register for the ISB virtual open days here:

I began this article by saying what a potentially difficult decision selecting a school is, but I am certain that all schools here in Budapest are doing their very best to help parents make this decision. One thing which I have learnt very clearly from having been the principal of three schools in the UK and three internationally, is that there is no such thing as the ‘best’ school, but rather what school is best for each individual pupil.

We sincerely hope that our videos and other presentations show why ISB might well be the best school for your child. Incidentally, despite the Covid restrictions, parents are always welcome to visit the school and talk with me, and other members of staff by appointment.

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