Microscopic Root Canal Treatment for the Precision, by Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest

  • 17 Nov 2021 5:41 PM
Microscopic Root Canal Treatment for the Precision, by Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest
Why is it so important to perform root canal treatment with a microscope?

Because we have a better chance of saving your teeth, which is the most important mission of a dentist.

We developed our practice with the most delicate American microscope which, connected to a projector, shows the inside of the root canals at a magnification of 100 times.

Why is a microscope such a big step in root canal treatment?

It used to be a dreaded treatment because the dentist didn’t see where the end of the root canal was, so it could easily have had a shorter root filling, or had it overfilled which were both painful.

With a microscope, you can accurately clean and fill the root canal, so there is no pain and the result is long-lasting. It is a good idea to re-root treat a previously treated tooth with a microscope if there is a complication and pain occur.

The pain may be caused by a piece of tissue left inside or by a hidden small canal that was not noticeable with conventional treatment. Old broken tools can also be removed with a microscope. 

Let us do everything we can to save your teeth, because our own teeth are the most valuable ones.

Let's take a closer look at how a microscopic root canal treatment is done at Smile&Teeth Dental: after the consultation with Dr. Attila Király -our endodontic specialist- a CT scan is taken in the first step, because even the smallest detail can be clearly seen against the panoramic X-ray.

As it is a brand new, modern machine, its radiation exposure is negligible. After receiving local anesthesia, we begin to explore the root canals with a microscope.

At the end of the treatment, your doctor will decide how many more treatments are needed for final closure.

The treatment time is different for everyone, because the condition of the teeth and the level of inflammation can be very decisive.

Precision is paramount so that we can save your teeth.

Give your teeth a chance and visit Smile & Teeth Dental Budapest at Pasareti út 57, one of the best-equipped dentist in Budapest.

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