Local Residents in Rural Hungarian Town See Guest Workers From India, Think a New Wave of Migrants Has Arrived

  • 7 Jan 2022 10:38 AM
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Local Residents in Rural Hungarian Town See Guest Workers From India, Think a New Wave of Migrants Has Arrived
Residents of Hajdúnánás expressed alarm when several foreigners appeared in the small eastern Hungarian town. Locals immediately thought a large group of migrants had arrived, and many claimed to be scared of them.

ATV found out that it was actually a group of foreigners who had come to the area as official guest workers.

According to the news channel, many people in the town noticed the foreigners, and news immediately began to spread that they were migrants.

Dezső Pál-Kovács runs the lodging where the foreigners are staying. He explained to ATV:

We were asked by Tiszaújváros if we could help, because Indian workers are arriving to work in MOL’s factory there, and they need to be given room and board while their paperwork is being sorted out.

The Hajdúnánás municipality issued a statement refuting the news that a flood of migrants had arrived, clarifying that there were foreign guest workers in the town.

ATV received news from the agency in charge of alien issues that 30 foreign workers had arrived in Hajdúnánás.

Opposition politicians say that the fear is no wonder, given the mood in recent years, that people in the town get scared so easily.

People see 3-4 people who don’t dress or talk like the people of Hajdúnánás, and they start talking about migration. - Miklós Oláh, a local municipal representative from MSZP, told the news program.

ATV also learned from official government sources that the guest workers are regularly checked, and that their stay in Hungary is completely legal and does not pose any problems for public safety.

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