'Budapest Oldtimer Show', Railway History Park, 13 - 15 May

  • 10 May 2022 6:38 AM
'Budapest Oldtimer Show', Railway History Park, 13 - 15 May
The Oldtimer Show in Budapest will be held for the 17th time this year. The site will once again be the Hungarian Railway History Park, with an area enlarged for 10 acres.

From the organisers: Opening hours: Fridays from 12:00 to 18:00, Saturday and Sunday from 09:00 to 18:00.

Antique cars and motorbikes, known as trademarks of the Oldtimer Show, will continue to be on display this year. In the outer areas of the large park, we're exhibiting U.S. big cars.

Once again there will be caravan exhibition and terrain rally racing cars.

The"Food-TruckCaravan" in the asphalted main street will be a novelty in the field of hospitality. In the spirit of traditionalism, there will again be a "Backyard and Craft Fair ".

From the producers you will be able to buy directly the home made sausages, cheese, honey, jam, spices, etc... There will be freshly baked chimney cakes, craft beer, wine and “pálinka”. In the chop house, situated in Water Tower Park, you will be able to buy also pork-toting dishes, along with many other home-cooked dishes: stuffed cabbage, fried sausage, ham etc...

The smaller park will hold again traditional attractions. In the Békéscsaba country house, you can also taste the real Csabai sausage. In front of the country house will be exhibited old production tools: corn crumbler, grinder, pumpkin peeler, butter churning, etc... Visitors can try out these tools!

Children can feed the animals in the paddocks, with corn crumbled by themselves. In our three paddocks, we will have 30 types of animals, including cute pets: dwarf goat, mini piglet, bunny, and chicken. They can be petted, and feed by children.

Also in the Water Tower Park will be the youngsters  favourite, the "Sport and Tuning Car Exhibition”.

Here you will find a lot of extra vehicles, with a wide range of styles, from tuning cars to Formula Racing cars. Of course, there will be also "retro tuning" cars! In the tuning car section, HELL energy drinks will be offered by pretty pit-girls, and children will be able to return home with a gift plush animal.J We hope to be able to set up the Ferris wheels in this year, from which you can see the exhibition area from a bird's-eye view.

The grassy-wooded area after the entrance 2 will, as usual, be furnished by traditionalist military forces. Here there will be veteran military vehicles, an old weapons show, a military camp and military demonstrations every day at 2:00 p.m.

As a family-friendly event, there will be plenty of free games for children: airsoft shooting, archery, craftsmanship, face painting, petting zoo, bungee jumping, and firefighting imitation – all free!

There will be also a model car exhibition in the Orient, a railway model exhibition, a terrain table exhibition and a playground in the large park.

The adult visitors, in addition to the oldtimer cars and engines exhibited in the locomotive-circuit heating house, can also meet oldtimers in many other places in the park areas: USA cars, hotrods, buses, trucks, tractors, stable engines.

There will be free of charge for the tryout of the rotating locomotives in the big park.

All interactive programs of the Railway History Park will be in operation: horse railway, rail car, manual railway, garden railway and we will heat up a real steam train again. In addition, all the attractions of the park can be viewed: steam train exhibition, railway car exhibition, etc...

Come to the event in contemporary costume and we'll invite you to a Sápi fruit wine tasting. The fruit wine tasting will be held in the chalet by the bend of The Ornamental Well.

For visitors to the Oldtimer Show, we announce a competition „Retro Dress Style Competition"! On all the three event days, we award 2-2 gifts for the most originally contemporary dressed visiting couple:  a pair of driver's gloves +1 bottle of Sápi cherry fruit wine.

You can register for the competition in the Orient hall, at the oldtimer bike stand, which will be next to the Eastern Railway Station model. On all three days, the results will be announced at 17:00pm.

At our festival, toilet and bathroom units can be used free of charge. Parking will also be free of charge in our expanded car parks. You can download a map of the parking lots and entrances by clicking here

The approach to the Railway History Park by various means of transport is listed on the event's website under the link “A RENDEZVÉNY HELYSZÍNÉNEK MEGKÖZELÍTÉSE “ ("ACCESS TO THE EVENT LOCATION")

Several exhibition sections will have hostess girls dressed in contemporary clothes, who will be happy to stand next to the vehicles on display to take commemorative photos. Unfortunately, due to the current viral situation, there will be no possibility for visitors to stand together with hostess girls for making photos with them. We ask you to keep the 1.5m protective distance!

Warning! It is PROHIBITED pass the cordon rope! Do not touch concrete berets at the corners of the fenced sections. This is also important from a virus protection point of view.

Again, there will be held the "OT Meeting". Here those visitors can register who want to arrive at the event in a nice oldtimer vehicle as part of a trip. Because the place is limited, the application order will be taken into account.

From 1th of May can apply for the OT Meeting with a photo of the car or motorbike  you want to enter.

OT meeting registration deadline: May 8. OT Meeting participants are allowed to enter the event free of charge.

Admission tickets can be purchased on site with cash, or credit cards.

Ticket prices: adult ticket 6.000HUF, children's ticket 4.000HUF (under 14 years), senior ticket 4.000HUF, family ticket 15.000HUF (2 adults +2 children)

Tickets can be used for any day of the event.

Friday ticket: 4.000HUF (uniform price for everybody) Friday ticket can only be used up on Friday!

Tickets are all daily admission tickets and entitle you to only one entry.

Unfortunately, living animals cannot bring in in the park! Please read the "Festival Policy"on our website.

Information about the "Oldtimer Show" is constantly updated on our website: https://www.oldtimershow.hu/ 

Oldtimer vehicles exhibited in previous years and award winners can be found in the photo gallery: https://www.oldtimershow.hu/az-oldtimer-show-dijazottai-2018-2021/

Visit our Facebook page for news: https://www.facebook.com/oldtimershow

Please post the creatives of the Oldtimer Show, so everyone you know can learn about it on time.

Pass the news of the 17th Budapest Oldtimer Show to your friends, acquaintances and co-workers.

Let's meet in the Hungarian Railway History Park from May 13-15
1142 Budapest, Tatai út 95.

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