'Oldtimer Show', Railway History Park Budapest, 13 - 14 April

  • 9 Apr 2024 5:14 AM
'Oldtimer Show', Railway History Park Budapest, 13 - 14 April
The Oldtimer Show is an international vintage vehicle exhibition, and alongside its supplementary programs, Europe's largest railway museum can also be visited.

The main attractions will be in the Orient and West locomotive halls, arranged on thematic and solo stands: vehicles from the KGST era, Western European cars and motorbikes, American, Italian, and English sports cars, compact cars, luxury cars, etc.

A distinctive feature of the Oldtimer Show is the diversity of pre-World War II vehicles, which will be particularly abundant this time. With the participation of more foreign exhibitors than ever in Hungary!

Familiar old-timer car types will be presented in Hungary: Alvis, Dusemberg, Rajos Special, and VA Special race cars, etc.

There will also be plenty of highlights in the motorcycle category! Antique motorcycles over 100 years old, Steve McQueen's dirt bike, special vintage motorbikes from the Czech Republic, a Japanese motorcycle exhibition.

The diversity of the showcased vehicles is a characteristic feature of the Oldtimer Show. In addition to cars and motorcycles in the exhibition halls, there will also be special features: tractors, vintage bicycles, pedal cars, small trucks, etc.

Detailed technical data sheets will be placed in front of each vehicle, accompanied by stories. Larger vintage vehicles will be placed in the outdoor area: American luxury cars, trucks, buses.

The nostalgic feeling will be enhanced by the sight of the retro locomotive hall and the smell of oil on the floor. The atmosphere will be complemented by the music of bygone eras while strolling. Besides the wooden-wheeled cars, ladies dressed in period clothing will be available for photographs.

The vehicles exhibited in the locomotive hall will participate in an old-timer beauty contest. A total of 30 prizes will be awarded in various categories based on different eras and types of vehicles by the international jury. The award ceremony starts on Sunday at 2:00 PM on the Railway Carriage stage.

Various additional programs will be visible in the outdoor area of the park: Sports Car Exhibition, Adventure Exhibition, vintage military camps, craft and homemade market, OT meeting.

During the long weekend of the Oldtimer Show, the interactive programs of the Railway History Park will come to life: turntable, horse-drawn railway, handcars, railcar, garden railway, and a real steam locomotive will be heated.

Europe's largest steam locomotive and railway carriage exhibition can be seen! Many new railway vehicle restorations have been completed in the past 2 years: Holocaust memorial train, tank, and artillery transport cars, Governor Horthy's negotiating carriage, and the impressive Golden Train.

The model house awaits visitors with a terrain table and a railway model exhibition.

A picnic park will be created around the fountain. There will be a home bakery where you can enjoy large portions of delicious fresh grilled food at moderate prices. Unlike other festivals where bringing in any food and drink is not allowed, we have broken this tradition for the convenience of our family guests.

You can bring your afternoon snack (sandwich and a small bottle of tea) to our events. The Oldtimer Show is a family-friendly event! There will be plenty of free-to-try games for children: traditional games, children's activities, face painting, rubber table, playground.

Organisers look forward to welcoming you with many gifts! Ticket buyers will receive a souvenir sticker at our ticket offices. Children near the Railway Carriage stage will receive a plush figure as a gift! Adults can take home automotive magazines as gifts.

Oldtimer Show

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