Official Wealth Statement: Orbán Has No Savings

  • 3 Jun 2022 6:51 AM
Official Wealth Statement: Orbán Has No Savings
Going by his recently-filed statement of wealth, Viktor Orbán is a man of modest means. The Hungarian Prime Minister owns neither a car nor boat, nor does he have a stake in any company, the declaration reveals.

Apart from his salary as an MP and as prime minister, no other sources of income, gifts, or benefits appear in the document, and even his income as Fidesz party president has been suspended indefinitely.

Orbán continues to own a home in Budapest’s District XII, as well as one in Felcsút. He also doesn’t have any savings, nor does he owe any money.

The Prime Minister’s latest statement of wealth continues to project the image of a politician living a very puritan way of life, subsisting solely off of his wages and salary. 

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