All You Need To Know About 'Budapest Pride March' This Year

  • 23 Jul 2022 11:27 AM
All You Need To Know About 'Budapest Pride March' This Year
When, where, with whom, and how? Important and frequently occurring questions: here are key answers from the organisers ahead of the 27th Budapest Pride March in 2022.

We are organizing the 27th Budapest Pride March at a world heritage setting this year. The march starts at 14.00 and ends at 20.00. Hegedűs Máté, our organiser, spokesperson is going to set off the march from Dráva utca at 15.00, from the wonderful truck of Budapest Pride.

According to our plans, we will arrive at Szabadság tér at 17.00. The speeches start at 17.30, which will be followed by performances. You can find many Hungarian NGO’s in the Civilian VillageUntil 20.00 Bianca+Lujza DJ duo will take care about the vibe.

You can enter the march at the entry points all along the route: corner of Dráva utca- Carl Lutz rakpart - Margit híd - id. Antall József rakpart - Széchenyi rakpart - Zoltán utca - Szabadság tér. If you want to leave, you can do that as well at these points.


We hope that you will like our programs, we invited very inspirational people. 

At 14.45 Máté Hegedűs, organiser and spokesperson of Budapest Pride will get on the stage of the truck of Budapest Pride, and start off the 27th Budapest Pride March with a nice speech.

All along the march you could find a lot of vehicles, vans, cars with exciting music. For example, Steiner Kristóf and Nimi will play on Budapest Pride’s truck in the vanguard, they will be followed by MTV’s vehicle and Butterfly Queer Rave. You will be amazed by ELLE Magazine's performance, a beautiful dress, made out of pure rainbow! You can listen to Magyar Telekom’s music from a transport bicycle, and Sziget Fesztivál and Publicis Group will be there as well.

Magyar Kétfarkú Kutya Párt,  Magyar Szocialista Párt, and Momentum Mozgalom are also preparing with a surprise for you, so you should check out their trucks as well! If you need some shade, look for our 25 meters long rainbow flagFatma produced very nice beats for this year, look for a bicycle with a DJ set! Amnesty International Magyarország will bring their giant, inflatable heart, and you can meet Technoműhely and Rhythm of Resistance too! 

When we get to Szabdság tér, you can have a small rest, but do not fall asleep! Our host, Lady Szomjas will make sure that you pay attention, so will hari_drama’s artistic collection with their performance. Later, representatives of LGBTQ organizations will take the mic: Luca Dudits from Háttér Társaság, and Dávid Vig from Amnesty International Hungary will make a statement, and then our colleague, organiser and spokesperson Zita Hrubi is going to hold a speech! Give them a huge ovation, they deserve it!

So as Edward Reese, the representative of Kyiv Pride, and Lilla Hübsch, member of Magyar Ballroom Közösség (Hungarian Ballrom Community), ambassador responsible for LGBTQ+ issues of the noÁr Movement, and B. Hábel Géza, leader of Diverse Youth Network, which organised Pécs Pride last year. NoÁr will take care of the musical experiences, and Elona Musk will take care of the drag show! After the performances, Bianca+Lujza will be the resident disc jockeys until 20.00.

In the Civilian Village you will find many hard working, enthusiastic Hungarian NGOs, civil society members, associations, such as:  Társaság a Szabadságjogokért (TASZ), Artemisszió Alapítvány, the JCC Budapest - Bálint Ház. You can get hugs from the parents of Hungarian PFLAG groupNANE Egyesület and Pedagógusok az LMBTQIA+ gyerekekért supportive teachers would represent themselves, along with Magyar Aszexuális KözösségSzabad Terek and Biztonságos TerekHáttér Társaság, and the activists of Extinction Rebellion Magyarország.

Let’s meet with the members of Közélet Iskolája and Menedék - Migránsokat Segítő Egyesület,  Magyar Pszichológiai Társaság LMBTQ szekció or ENSZ Menekültügyi Főbiztosság. It will be a pure NGO carnival!

If you would like to support Budapest Pride - and we hope that you would - you can find our newest merchandise collection (shirts, hoodies, totebags) and even more, you will be able make a temporary tatto designed by Hungarian queer artists

The night will pause only for a minute - we might need to say goodbye to Szabadság tér, but we can meet later at Budapest Park from 22.00, at the one and only Rainbow Party!


The main goal of the organizers of Budapest Pride is to ensure that our events are safe for everyone and provide pleasant time. The march is one of the most open and inclusive events in the country, where everyone can be themselves, in a safe and calm environment.

But we need your cooperation too.It is important to respect each other and to listen to the organizers' requests, follow the instructions and, of course, the Rules of Budapest Pride

Anyone who agrees with the purpose and ideals of Budapest Pride and behaves non-violently and peacefully in all situations can join the parade. We ask that you do not stand up to any provocation, if you come across anything like this, please a security person.

It is important to know that the organizers can refuse you to attend the event upon entry, or they can exclude you at any time during the march if they believe that the participation of that person would endanger the purpose of the event or the peaceful conduct of the event.

We gathered many important rules for you: 

hydration will be very important on the day of the march as well, but you can ONLY bring liquids in plastic or metal bottles - no glass

anyone who wants to bring in hateful, inciting, or exclusionary signs/flags against any social group, utters such slogans, or has visible tattoos or clothing, it is better to stay at home and do it between the four walls - you cannot take part in the march

the same applies to those who show hostility towards the participants, the goals of Budapest Pride, or the marchers

sharp and pointy objects, your ninja and baseball equipment, swords, ect have to stay at home 

your dog or pet can come, but don't forget to take care of their hydration and their leash. In addition, we recommend that you check: does your pet really feel good in the crowd of several thousand, on the hot concrete, next to the blaring music. If they afraid of crowds or loud noises, find a nanny for the day and leave them at home in the cool apartment 

it is not possible to ride a bicycle in the event area, this means that you have to get off and push it. In addition, you may ride on roller skates, skateboards or electric scooters only without endangering the safety of others - but if the  organisers see fit, they can oblige you to continue without

you must present your bag at the request of the entry volunteer and taste the liquid you have with you

Recommendations, suggestions, tips

Always listen to the organizers' requests

Dress casually, comfortably, breezy, put a hat in your bag, and bring sunscreen too!

Take care of adequate fluid intake, but don't forget that you can’t take in a glass bottle! Unfortunately, we have to ask for them at the entrance, because they can cause accidents. Our volunteers will hand out water to you continuously during the march - or until supplies last.

The walk along the Danube offers a wonderful view, and the dancing can also take you away, but watch your feet! For example stairs on the quay, or in front of the parliament, pillars and stumbling blocks lurk for the unwary.

Be extra careful on the banks of the Danube and near trucks!

We could not organize the Budapest Pride programs and the parade without your donations. Look for our fundraisers and support us as much as you can, so that we can organize the festival and the march again next year, and that we can help LGBTQ organisations outside Budapest! You can also prepare in advance, we already offer our new T-shirts to your attention here, you can also support us with cash or bank transfer on the spot! 

How can you get to the spot?

If you arrive by bicycle, be prepared that you will not be alone, as it may be difficult to find a place where you can tie up your vehicle. Feel free to bring it with you, but be careful, you can only push it in the crowd, you can't sit on it!

Consult the BKK route planner, Dráva utca can be reached with the trolley number 75 and 79M, as well as with bus number 15 and 115, but they may be running on the same day. Check out BKK’s site!

Also, you can join anytime and leave during the march.

What about the “anti protesters”?

Some far-right, hateful groups try to disrupt our events year after year. They abuse the right to assemble, and their crowds of 15-20 people try to shout over our cheerful, open and friendly march of 35,000 people with foaming mouths and unsophisticated vocabulary, each time unsuccessfully. 

We work closely with the police, they ensure their isolation, and the march's security volunteers filter these elements as soon as they enter. The Budapest Pride March is therefore much safer than even an average Saturday afternoon in the city.

Let's meet on July 23 for the 27th time now, let's show how many people stand up for legal equality every year! The Facebook event is constantly updated, indicate your participation and follow the news here!

Source: Budapest Pride

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