Hungarian Opinion: PM Orbán’s CPAC Address

  • 9 Aug 2022 9:19 AM
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Hungarian Opinion: PM Orbán’s CPAC Address
In their first snap analyses, a conservative lawyer and a liberal pundit agree that PM Orbán’s keynote address was went down well with the Dallas CPAC audience.

In an interview with Magyar Hírlap, conservative constitutional lawyer Zoltán Lomnici Jr writes that the CPAC audience welcomed PM Orbán’s speech, especially his call for the defense of Judaeo-Christian civilization and for measures to stop illegal migration.

Lomnici notes that the invitation extended to PM Orbán to give the keynote speech is a huge recognition of his politics by conservative republicans who share the same values as the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Heti Világgazdaság’s Iván László Nagy also thinks that PM Orbán’s messages resonated well with the CPAC audience. The left-liberal commentator believes that the main themes – lambasting progressive liberalism and George Soros, advocating national sovereignty, the defense of Christian conservative values and advocating family subsidies – sat well with the what he calls the ‘far-right’ wing of the Republican Party.

Nagy adds that what he sees as PM Orbán’s ‘rude humour’ also pleased his listeners.

Pro-government pundit praises PM’s Dallas address

A right-wing analyst argues that PM Orbán advocates exactly the same values he stood for when he first appeared in politics 33 years ago.

On Mandiner, Milán Constantinovits reads the Prime Ministers address at the CPAC meeting in Dallas (Texas) last Thursday as proof that while Viktor Orbán is often accused by his left-wing critics of having abandoned his original beliefs, in reality he has remained a staunch anti-communist throughout his career.

Constantinovits compares Mr Obán’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference to his first televised appearance in 1989 when he urged the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Hungary. In both speeches, he writes, Viktor Orbán described communism as the antithesis of democracy. And in both cases, he continues, he warned that communists, rather than disappearing with the fall of their regimes, remain active in public life – as ‘reformers’ in 1989 and as ‘liberals’ nowadays.

That consistent stance, Constantinovits concludes, has made the Prime Minister an important international actor, although he represents a small country.

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