5 + 1 Top Family Activities in Budapest

  • 22 Sep 2022 7:33 AM
5 + 1 Top Family Activities in Budapest
Budapest is a truly great place for family outings. It's a city which offers a wide range of fun experience for children. Here’s a collection of top tips especially for parents.

1. Floating above the city

Many associate Budapest with heavy traffic and a densely populated downtown area. Yes, these are also part of the urban landscape in a city with nearly two million inhabitants, just like the green forest and tourist trails of the Buda Hill.

The highest point of Budapest is the 527-metre János Hill. You can nearly reach the peak if you take the Zugliget Chairlift.

At some points along the way, you will float above gardens, reaching higher and higher. From the upper terminus, Erzsébet Lookout Tower is within walking distance, offering a great panorama of the whole of Budapest.

2. A World of chocolate

Upon return to the city, it is a good idea to visit Szamos Chocolate Museum to replenish the calories burnt during the tour.

In a pleasant environment near the Parliament, you can familiarize yourself with the world of making and, of course, the culture of consuming chocolate if you take part in a chocolate tour. It is an ideal location for a light afternoon meal.

3. Inner city pinball adventure

Remaining in the thick of the city, you can reach Budapest Pinball Museum in Radnóti Street after a short walk. 

4. Exploring Margaret Island

Photo: Eszter Rodé

From the Pinball Museum, Margaret Island is also within walking distance and you may want to explore this historical island riding a pedal carriage.

You can access the southern tip of the island by walking on Margaret Bridge from where you can take a bus to the pedal carriage station. Pedalling the four-wheel vehicle, you can explore all the sights of Margaret Island, such as the island’s small zoo.

5. One of Europe's oldest zoos

If you wish to visit a larger zoo, your destination is Budapest Zoo. The well-known sight of the City Park (Városliget) is one of Europe’s oldest zoos. 

You will find exotic and less exotic animals, nicely designed, shaded paths and unparalleled architecture.

+1 Budapest Eye

Photo: Gábor Kovács Photo

In the old days, there was a theme park next to Budapest Zoo, of which a few features registered as monuments have been retained in the territory of the zoo.

If you miss the big wheel, you can find it in the inner city of Budapest. Budapest Eye awaits its riders in Erzsébet Square. It offers a spectacular view of the roofs of the downtown area.


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