Xploring Budapest Video: Pálvölgyi Cave

  • 17 Jan 2023 7:59 AM
Xploring Budapest Video: Pálvölgyi Cave
This 'dripstone-rich' cave, the longest one in the Buda Hills and the third longest in the country, is located in a highly protected natural preservation area of Budapest which is fairly easy to access.

Its length exceeds 7,200 meters, and the temperature is a constant 11 Celsius, so dress up well and take bring hiking boots and expect to climb ladders.

It was discovered in 1904 and is famous for its unique dripstones, pictured above. A 500-metre long route has lately been modernized and adjusted to meet the highest standards, we're informed.

It takes visitors to the most astonishing stone formations, drip stones, glittering calcium-crystals and prints of primeval shells. At some parts the 'perfect acoustics' of the cave can also be experienced.

1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 162.

Opening hours: 
From Tuesday-Sunday: 10 am to 4 pm.
One tour every hour. First tour at 10:15 and last tour at 16:15.
The cave is closed from December 23 to January 1.

Click here to know more about the cave

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