DK Aims to Create New 'European Hungary'

  • 23 Feb 2023 10:21 AM
  • Hungary Matters
DK Aims to Create New 'European Hungary'
The Democratic Coalition (DK), the largest opposition party in Hungary, is the means to topple the “Orbán regime” and to create a new, European Hungary, the party’s shadow prime minister, Klára Dobrev, told a rally in Pécs, in southern Hungary.

The MEP called on more than 1,000 participants from all over the country to “form little islands of resistance” and to “tell everyone the truth that there is no European welfare under the Orbán government but there are high prices and dysfunctional health-care and education systems”.

DK has 1.1 million supporters, an “opposition force able to govern” that may bring European prosperity to Hungary, she said.

Regarding the war in Ukraine, she said Hungary should work with the international community to ensure that “Putin does not win the war”.

Rather than external forces, “the greatest danger to Hungary’s peace is [ruling] Fidesz”, she said.

Hungary will be successful if wages catch up with European ones, employees have strong representation and the education and health-care systems are “put in order”, Dobrev said.

Ruling Fidesz said in response that the “dollar left was bringing the threat of war” to Hungary.

Leftist parties “do and say what their pro-war clients are paying for: they want to drag Hungary into the war and into one sanction after the other, which Hungarians would have to pay for”, the statement said.

Leftist parties “have not supported a single measure designed to protect families and jobs from inflation,” it said.

DK MEP Pledges 'Strong, Transparent, Efficient' State

The Democratic Coalition plans to have a strong state in place in Hungary which operates transparently and efficiently, an MEP of the opposition party said.

Addressing a conference of the party focusing on economic issues, Klára Dobrev, DK’s shadow prime minister, criticised the performance of the Orbán government over the past 12 years, saying that despite an economic growth, there had been “stagnation” in almost all sectors including education and health care.

“A modern world is about an economic policy, knowledge-based economic development, education and a strong social sector focusing on people.”

Dobrev called wage increases an important measure in boosting Hungary’s productivity.

She pledged to present a clear timeline for introducing the common European currency which she said was key in restoring international confidence towards Hungary, as well as managing a transparent budget and pursuing a credible monetary policy.

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