First Arena Festival in Szeged With Pop-Diva, Minelli, 14 March

  • 16 Feb 2023 10:34 AM
First Arena Festival in Szeged With  Pop-Diva, Minelli, 14 March
Twelve-hour-long party marathon, the Color Arena Festival starts on 14 of March in Szeged with the cream of Hungarian party scene, hip-hop and RAP favourites and the greatest star will be the dance-diva, Minelli who became word famous in one go with her songs “Rampampam” and “MMM”- among the others.

Minelli performed for the first time in Hungary last year in a sold-out radio concert series in Budapest with great success, and now she returns to Szeged's biggest concert venue to perform again to her fans.

The dance diva's solo career started just four years ago, and in 2021 she became an international dance favourite with her hit "Rampampam". 

On the Color Arena Festival we can meet the best Hungarian parti faces, such as Bréda Bia, Jauri, Regán Lili, Elektra, JoerJunior, Yamina, Szecsei, Metzker Viktória and the Sing Sing DJ Team, aka Gabriel B., WellDan aka. Dain Farrell.

And there will be the well known hip-hop performers such as  Echo, AKC Misi, AKC Kretta, K. Kevin or T. Danny. The huge party marathon starts at 6pm and lasts until 5am, being a public holiday on that day.

Tickets for Szeged's first arena party can be reached  on the website.

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