Momentum MEP Explains what Opposition Needs to do 'to Replace Orbán’s Regime'

  • 6 Feb 2023 10:21 AM
  • Hungary Matters
Momentum MEP Explains what Opposition Needs to do 'to Replace Orbán’s Regime'
Momentum MEP Anna Donáth said the opposition must show a credible vision if is to replace Viktor Orbán’s regime, addressing her party’s conference.

At the event streamed on Momentum’s Facebook page, Donáth, who is returning to politics after a maternity leave, called for radical change in opposition politics, arguing that what the opposition had been doing since 2010 would not be enough to replace Fidesz or complete the change of regime.

“The April 3 [election] showed that this regime cannot be overcome by a colourless, odourless alliance based on the smallest common denominator,” she said.

Donáth named the creation of a people-centred economy and an education offering opportunities for all, and the fight against climate change as the key challenges ahead of Hungary.

She said that Hungary’s place is in the West, on the side of freedom and liberal democracy, adding that commitment to the west cannot mean that Hungary cannot criticise Western institutions.

Donáth said it was vital that Ukraine won the war it is fighting to defend its homeland.

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