Museum Of World Athletics in Budapest

  • 15 Aug 2023 11:11 AM
  • Hungary Today
Museum Of World Athletics in Budapest
Hungary will host one of the most important sporting events in its history, the World Athletics Championships, from 19 to 27 August. Almost four months before the start of the event, a fantastic exhibition opened at Etele Plaza in Budapest.

The Museum Of World Athletics (MOWA) is the largest and richest athletics exhibition in the world, presenting the 40-year history of the World Championships through an interactive journey, reports Magyar Nemzet.

Balázs Németh, organizer of the championships, said that with the exhibition, the most important sporting event of 2023, and in general the third largest in the world after the Summer Olympics and the World Cup, has already arrived in Budapest.

I would like to hear at the closing ceremony of the World Championships the one sentence that every organizing committee dreams of but very few ever hear, namely that this was the best World Athletics Championships ever, said Németh.

This wish was shared by some of the most prominent figures in Hungarian athletics, who will enrich the exhibition with their own relics.

Anita Márton’s personal belongings, Bence Halász’s Doha World Championships bronze medal winning team number, Balázs Baji’s spike shoes, Krisztián Pars’ throwing gloves and medals can also be seen at Etele Plaza in Budapest.

The exhibition is open until the last day of the World Championships in Budapest.

Photo: Facebook Museum of World Athletics

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