Winemakers’ Conference in Eger, Hungary on 16 – 17 June

  • 30 May 2023 1:26 PM
Winemakers’ Conference in Eger, Hungary on 16 – 17 June
Sustainability, strategies of winery development, climate change and terroir.

How to make “mineral wines” (winemaker’s ideas versus scientific facts). Special vineyard practices to improve quality. Biodynamic conversion of a large winery. These are some of the topics of the Eger conference for winemakers and viticulturists. Simultaneous translation is provided!

Eger Wine Meetup is the new name of the renewed wine and viticulture conference in Eger, which has been running for twenty years.

The professional programme of the Eszterházy Károly Catholic University will take place over two days on 16-17 June and will cover sustainability, strategies of winery development, climate change and terroir.

The two-day conference will be structured in four thematic blocks. The first will focus on sustainability, showcasing a range of practical approaches from well-established domestic and international wineries that have taken significant steps to reduce their environmental impact.

The second theme will take participants into the field of winery development, where they will be able to explore from different aspects how to take a winery to the next level both on domestic and foreign markets.

On the second day, the conference continues with the theme of climate change and practical responses to address this challenge, and then move on to the subject of terroir wines from the dual perspective of science and winemakers. On both days, there will also be masterclasses for those who want to complement their knowledge of the topics covered by the speakers with tasting experiences.

More information about the conference (in Hungarian, but google can help)
Tickets: 35 000 HUF / person (about 94 euros)
Buy your ticket here

Some of the speakers:
– Dr. Paolo Sivilotti, Udine, Italy
– Dr. Jordi Ballester-Perez, Dijon, France
– Oskar Micheletti, Dr. Bürkin-Wolf estate, Germany
– Stéphanie Marchand-Marion, Bordeaux, France
– Pál Rókusfalvy, government commissioner responsible for wine marketing, Hungary
– Andrea Gere (in our cover photo) and Attila Gere from A. Gere Winery, Villány, Hungary
– Tibor Gál (in our cover photo), Gál Tibor Winery, Eger, Hungary
– Zoltán Heiman senior and Zoltán Heimann junior, Heimann Family Estate and Heimann & Sons

Picturesque setting

– Eger is one of the most charming cities of Hungary with countless historic buildings, cobblestoned streets and great wineries.
– Eger is only 120 kilometres from Budapest, you can drive on M3 motorway, take an InterCity train or a fast coach.
– Eger is famous for its red blend called Egri Bikavér and its white blend called Egri Csillag.

Some wineries to visit while you are there_
Gál Tibor Winery
Kovács Nimród Winery
Tóth Ferenc Winery


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