Smashing Success: 11th ‘Superfight Hungary’ Event in Budapest

  • 7 Jun 2023 4:29 PM
Smashing Success: 11th ‘Superfight Hungary’ Event in Budapest
The latest Superfight Series event in Budapest ended with two professional European champions Dominik Bereczki and Csaba Tóth, also known as the "Red Scorpion," returned home with European championship belts.

Alongside the two Hungarian fighters, Furó Virág, Tóth Enikő, and Horváth Dominik also excelled in their matches. The ladies defeated their Romanian and Serbian opponents, while Horváth triumphed over his Hungarian rival.

Dominik Bereczki, a fighter from the Perfect Fight Club, returned home to his children with a special gift.

On Saturday night at the Riz Levente Sports Center, he became the Superfight Series Hungary European champion by defeating his Greek opponent, Pantelis Samprovalakis. After the victory, he faced the cameras and evaluated the five-round title fight and the journey to the belt.

"Fear requires the same amount of energy as belief - I believed that I could win with the help of everyone who came to support me today, and it came true. When I felt that it wouldn't be an easy victory, I changed my tactics, tried not to rush and throw fewer loose punches. Distributing the energy over five rounds is different than for a three-round fight, so precision became crucial."

Dominik Bereczki already indicated during the weigh-in that he was in good shape. After a brief celebration, he is preparing to enter the ring again. As he says, no matter how big the success of winning the European championship title is, its value will increase even more when he surpasses his first title defense.

"An achievement is most valuable when you can defend it, so all I can say is that I'm ready for the next challenges. This belt has great significance for me because it took nine fights to earn it. I can say I worked hard for it," revealed Dominik Bereczki.

In the other main fight of the evening, the European belt was also at stake, but in the context of Muay Thai rules instead of K1. Csaba Tóth, who trained in the birthplace of the sport, Thailand, defeated his Slovak opponent Jakub Mikovcak in an excellent and lively encounter.

"It's a fantastic feeling; I can't even put it into words," said Csaba Tóth, leaving the ring with the European championship belt on his shoulder.

"I had to measure what I was capable of because my opponent was quite tall. I had to gauge how close I should get in striking and kicking range, and in the fourth round, I found the right distance. The height difference between us made it a bit more challenging."

"I don't have a specific plan for the next competition yet, but I'm looking forward to invitations and challenges. This belt will join my greatest relics, just like the others. It was a fantastic experience to fight in front of so many people, including close acquaintances. I'm truly searching for the right words, but I can't describe it," evaluated the "Red Scorpion."

Tóth Enikő, who made her debut at the Superfight Series Hungary gala, received great support from her fellow competitors and trainers from Tatabánya. She immediately faced an international match after defeating the Serbian fighter Jana Rajkovics. However, she was self-critical.

"My adrenaline level is still high, but I feel like I've come home; the ring is my home. I know there were mistakes; my hand got stuck terribly. I didn't punch enough, even though I can throw powerful punches during training. Now we'll work on sparring more with boxers to strengthen that aspect and not rely solely on my legs," said Tóth Enikő.

Furó Virág returned to the ring after a hiatus of over two years due to a hand injury and a torn knee ligament. However, there was no trace of the break as she immediately attacked her opponent, Romanian Denisa Filimon, and quickly knocked her out.

"It was a great feeling that we have been waiting for two years. I really enjoyed the match, and I managed to finish it before time. I felt stronger, and I thought it was better to end it once I felt I had the upper hand. The idea crossed my mind to prolong the fight a bit after such a long break and gain more experience.

It was mentioned in my corner, and I played with the idea, but as soon as I felt that I had it under control, I decided it was better to finish it. I have another match scheduled in September, this time under Muay Thai rules, and I'm really looking forward to it," said Furó Virág, looking ahead.

Organiser of this Superfight was Prémium Media Ltd. 

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