S.U.N. Festival, Csobánkapuszta, 10 – 17 July

  • 3 Jul 2023 10:04 AM
S.U.N. Festival, Csobánkapuszta, 10 – 17 July
The festival celebrates its 10-year anniversary this Summer - it's hard to believe that a decade has passed since the first came together to create this magical event.

From the organisers: 

Some of the artists who will be joining this year:

A.U.M. live (RO), Albee (SIC), Ánimo live (DE), Argon Sphere live (SRB), AttiK (HU), Atys (HU), Aurafood live (HU), Avatara (MY), Bagatel (HU), bAlc (HU), Boom Shankar (DE), Botond (HU), Brian Grassfield live (HU), Con Pith (UK), CsomCsom¿ x Morze (HU), Damine (HU), Danatryl live (HU), Djane Lissza (HU), Djane Yella (SRB), Dropic (AT), Duel live (HU), Eden (ISR), Exolon live (PT), Falicia (DE), Fáni Bácsi (HU), Floki (IE), Gabriel Lehr (HU), Gagarin Project (UA), GanGanG (AT), Groovergie (HU), Hand of Damaru live (HR), Ibojima live (SE), Inner Sphere live (IR/PT), Intacto live (HU), Juliousmap (IE/BR), KanBo (UK/SRB), Keemiyo live (ES), Kory (HU), Liquid Illusion (MK), Lucky (HU), Lunar Sequence live (HU), MadCity (HU), Mantis (CH), Marg Ruul (HU), Metaverse (HU), Mind Lab live (ES), Mir (SRB), Morning Star live (HU), Muatoy (FI), Mula live (FR), Mush (HU), Nasca (HU), Nopara Coma b2b Final Fiction (HU), OBRI live (GE), Oleg (HU), Omikron live (DE), Pion (SRB), Psychoz live (DE), Psylev (RO), Psymon Peter (HU), Relevant (HU), Rita Raga live (PL), Rix (SRB/AT), Sabretooth live (UK), Shinto (SRB), Snag the Sunshepherd live (HU), Stuy (HU), Suduaya live (FR), Szoliver & Slym live (HU), The Casuals (HU), The Quasars live (IN/CH/CN), TiN T!N / Organic Sapiens (HU), Triceradrops live (USA), Tristate live (AT), Turbo (HU), U-rel live (ISR), Urel live (ISR), Vedat Akdağ (HU/TR), Voyi (HU), Yury (HU)

Membership system instead of tickets:

Our dream is to establish a returning international community of people who not only use, but also lovingly care for this wonderful place. Csobankapuszta is a hidden Garden of Eden that we found only after a long search 10 years ago.

That's why we have a membership system instead of tickets. The festival is private and our members can visit it for free. Honorary memberships are given for a one-time larger donation, but you can also get a membership by volunteering regularly.

If you're a SUN member and you're passionate about living in nature, you can even move down to live with us for the whole year, and become an official resident of the Csobankapuszta village after a trial period.

This is a pilot project to see how we could rebuild our society from the ground up if we could start again in a more 'Nature-Conscious' way. An app for members will be available soon, where we can communicate, vote and make decisions together in a closed system.

If you're not a member but have a friend who is, you can ask them about other possibilities.

To celebrate the anniversary year, we are also issuing a limited number (300) of Annual Memberships, these work like perpetual memberships but are only valid for this year.

Annual and regular memberships are available here

Please note that a membership is a targeted form of support that is counted as a donation. It's not a regular ticket, it's much more than that.

How is S.U.N. different from other festivals?

Probably the most important difference is that SUN is organised by an NGO, the Deep Smile Foundation, with no investors, advertisers or corporate backing.

When we started 10 years ago, our dream was to create a community festival. We imagined a transformational festival where we would come to rebuild ourselves, shake off the problems, forgive and let go. To celebrate life and offer our dance to the Universe. To raise our vibration and connect with each other and Mother Nature.

You come to a tribal gathering like this as an active participant, giving back to your community what you do best and love to do. You can come to relax, but if you want, you can be involved in the organisation and production. If you're a good musician or decorator, and people like it, you can be fulfilled and give of yourself here.

Nature-Consciousness and Creativity

We believe that we are part of nature, 100% mineral, plant and animal. Tiny ants made of stardust on the surface of a planet. But what makes us different is our self-awareness, humour and creative arts. We are blessed with magic, and looking at nature's creativity, we could collectively create amazing things.

That is why one of SUN's goals is to live a harmonious life worthy of the wonders of Nature.

Why are there no regular advertisements and festival tickets?

We are aiming for a community celebration, not to get bigger with more people coming, regardless of quality. This is why we have stopped selling traditional tickets and why we don't promote the festival that much.

If you feel that the SUN is calling you, then you simply belong here! If it's all too hazy and hippy for you, that's fine too 

S.U.N Festival

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