Hungarian Opinion: Orbán Hopes Fidesz Will Remain in Government Until 2060

  • 29 Nov 2023 5:44 AM
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Hungarian Opinion: Orbán Hopes Fidesz Will Remain in Government Until 2060
An independent political analyst describes the Prime Minister’s acceptance speech as re-elected chairman as an exercise in self-confidence.

Reviewing the Prime Minister’s speech after his re-election as Fidesz chairman at the party congress on Index, Attila Tibor Nagy believes that while Mr Orbán uses hard anti-Brussels rhetoric for domestic consumption, he may well prove more compromising in his dealings with the European Union in order to get frozen EU funds released.

Apart from this, Nagy underlines what he sees as a key message of the speech – the importance of leadership stability. Mr Orbán, he suggests, told any potential rivals to wait, as he is in good shape and will be just as fit in two years’ time when the party next decides on its leadership. He encouraged ambitious young politicians in his court, nevertheless, by saying that Fidesz will remain in power until 2060 when he can hardly expect to be still politically active (at 97).

Another element Nagy deems interesting in the speech is the Prime Minister’s declaration that he favours ‘green policies without green ideology’. He takes that as sign of a new narrative aimed at quelling discontent with the multiple electric car battery factories being built throughout Hungary.

PM Orbán Re-Elected Fidesz Chairman

A pro-government pundit celebrates Fidesz unity, while liberal commentators point out that Viktor Orbán was the only candidate for party chairman.

In Magyar Nemzet, Ottó Gajdics describes Fidesz as Europe’s most successful political community and points to the ‘indestructible’ unity of the governing party as a source of hope amidst the multiple crises in today’s world and the ‘self-defeating reactions of Europe’s leaders who are unfit for the job’. The main message of the Fidesz Congress was its resolve to protect Hungary’s sovereignty against the ‘Soros Empire launching attacks from Brussels and Washington’, he suggests.

On, Sándor Czinkóczi and Balázs Kristóf describe the Fidesz congress as an insignificant political event, given that surprises were out of the question from the outset. There were no competing candidates even for the posts of vice chairmen, they write, let alone for that of party leader. Czinkóczi and Kristóf believe that delegates were more interested in the experience of meeting Viktor Orbán and feeling part of a political community, than in seeking excitement in the rivalry of a genuine competition.

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