Budapest Theatre Offers Preferential Tickets to DK Party Members

  • 5 Dec 2023 5:51 AM
  • BudaPost
Budapest Theatre Offers Preferential Tickets to DK Party Members
Katona József theatre about their 30% ticket reductions for members of the Democratic Coalition.

Gábor Máté, the director of Budapest’s famous liberal theatre conceded that his institution offers preferential tariffs to card-carrying DK members but added that such offers are regularly made to several companies and institutions, including all major churches. He said his theatre is compelled to use this method because of its financial difficulties resulting from the government’s economic policies and efforts to make the lives of city councils, (the owners of local theatres) more difficult.

In Magyar Nemzet, Tamás Pilhál finds such justifications ridiculous. In a sarcastic remark he thanks the director for the discovery that the churches are also political parties, otherwise he would have thought that the Democratic Coalition was the only political party which the ‘absolutely independent’ Katona theatre is offering cheap tickets to.

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