Insider’s Guide: Top 5 Gyms in Budapest

  • 5 Dec 2023 5:33 PM
Insider’s Guide: Top 5 Gyms in Budapest
There are plenty of gyms in Budapest, which can make choosing the right one a daunting task. When deciding which gym to commit to, there are usually a few things to consider, writes Lucy Drake.

Of course, priorities differ between gym goers. Some need a gym with a handy location. Others will sacrifice the shorter journey if it means bagging an affordable membership. Others will splash a bit more cash for the extra facilities. 

This guide provides a list of five gyms in Budapest, each one offering something slightly different from the next. So, no matter what your preferences are when it comes to finding the perfect gym (whether it be high quality equipment, fun group classes, a great location or luxury facilities), there is definitely a gym in Budapest for you. 

1. Life1 Fitness 

Location: 1066 Budapest, Nyugati tér 1-2.

This particular gym is located opposite Nyugati Railway Station, making it easily accessible via the Metro 3 or the 4 and 6 tram. Life1 Fitness also has 5 other branches across Budapest: Allee, Corvin, Etele, Gilda and Springday. With Life1 Fitness gyms dotted all over the city, you are bound to find a branch handy for you.

This gym is also very spacious, a rarity for gyms in Budapest, making it hardly ever feel too overcrowded or busy. With a large selection of machines and free weights, you’ll most likely never be waiting long to use the equipment you need. If your schedule is hectic and you need to be in and out of the gym within an hour or less, Life1 Fitness is a great option. 

There are over 40 group sessions held at Life1 Fitness, conducted by a team of friendly trainers. The trainers also offer private sessions with a health assessment and a detailed personalised plan. Additional facilities include a sauna, the protein bar, massages, nutrition counselling and movement therapy.  

A one month plan is 27,999 forints, a 3 month plan is 79,999 forints and a 6 month plan is 149,999 forints. A day pass is 3,999 forints and a full year plan is 249,999 forints. Of course, all of these prices are discounted for students. 

2. Go Active

Location: 1075 Budapest, Holló Utca 12-14. 

Go Active is situated right in the middle of Gozsdu Udvar. This gym is considered to be one of the trendiest in Budapest, generally attracting a younger crowd. 

The gym is equipped with a large selection of free weights, cardio machines and strength training equipment. Members can also blow off steam in the swimming pool, a pretty uncommon facility for gyms in Budapest.  

Joining this gym is a great decision if your priority is finding a good personal trainer. Over the years, Go Active has developed a team of knowledgeable trainers, each with a unique set of skills. This will make it fairly easy to find a trainer that understands your needs and matches your fitness goals. The group classes available are also pretty unique, including: Warriors and Amazons, Tonic, Not for the Faint Hearted, Functional, Zen Body and Zen Mind. 

With a range of membership options at hand, you can find one that works for you depending on how long you are in the city. Monthly passes, 3 month passes and 6 month passes are available at discounted prices, saving you a bit of money but prohibiting you from entering the gym at certain times of the day. An annual membership is 234,000 forints and seniors and students are entitled to 10% off. 

The best part is, after your workout you can refuel by grabbing a bite to eat at Spíler or Little Budapest in Gozsdu Court. Or reward yourself with a drink at Vicky Barcelona. Your choice. 

3. Marriott Fitness Center

Location: 1052 Budapest, Apáczai Cs. János Utca 4. 

The Marriott Fitness Center is located on the first floor of the Budapest Marriott Hotel. Unlike most hotel gyms, this gym is not exclusive to hotel guests as memberships are open to the public. If you would rather work out in a more luxurious setting, this gym is a great option. 

Despite being relatively small, this boutique gym is well fitted with high quality equipment in great condition. The treadmills and cross trainers are lined up facing the wall of windows overlooking the Danube River, allowing members to exercise with a great view of Buda Castle and Gellért Hill. 

As this gym never gets too busy, it’s a good choice if you’re not so keen on exercising with lots of people around. The staff are friendly and always happy to help with anything you might need. The wellness services available include a jacuzzi, a steam room and a sauna. For an additional fee, members can also enjoy a variety of massages, facial treatments and body scrubs. 

A range of workout classes are conducted by experienced trainers from Monday to Friday. The classes provide a more personal experience for members due to the small class sizes. Guests can also book an appointment with a personal trainer and will be given a personalised programme to target specific needs and goals. 

Numerous membership options are available, with discounted prices if you choose a day time membership. For example, a one year full time membership is 238,000 forints and 178,000 forints for a one year day time membership. You can also buy a monthly pass, a 3 month pass and a 6 month pass, all of which are available at full time price and day time price. Members can also receive discounts if they sign up in groups or as a couple. Student discount is available as well as day passes for 6,000 forints. 

4. 4% Fitness

Location: 1092 Budapest, Ráday Utca 16. 

4% Fitness is another gym in Budapest that attracts a younger clientele. This gym has 4 separate locations for you to workout at (Gym, Corner, Garden and Candy), each one offering something unique from the other. 

The main 4% Fitness gym, situated on Ráday Utca, is a 4 floor facility with everything you may want to enjoy a good workout. However, this gym does get very busy and it is recommended to avoid going at peak time (16:30-20:30). The Gym branch also has a women only area, fitted with enough equipment for a full workout. With a Gym membership, you have access to all of the 4% Fitness branches. 

Despite being the smallest out of the 4 gyms that make up 4% Fitness, Corner (on Paulay Ede Utca) has a decent amount of machines and a substantial set of free weights. Bare in mind that if you choose to sign up for Corner, you will not have access to the 3 other 4% Fitness gyms. 

For those with atypical schedules, Garden might be the perfect gym for you. Being open 24/7, you can use the Garden gym without being bound to opening and closing times. 

A day pass costs 2,500 forints and a weekly pass costs 8,000 forints. A standard pass is 14,500 forints and a student pass is 12,500 forints, both of which are valid for 30 days. Use of the sauna costs an additional 1,000 forints. 

5. Nr1 Fitness

Location: 1062 Budapest, Aradi utca 8.

Nr1 Fitness is definitely one of the more affordable gyms in the city, making it a suitable alternative for gym goers on a budget.

Nr1 Fitness has 4 branches, all of which are in unbeatable locations (Oktogon, Kálvin Ter, Rákóczi tér and Óbuda), making them super easy to reach. The Oktogon and Rákóczi locations are situated right next to the 4 and 6 tram. The Rákóczi branch is also located right next to the Metro 4, as is the Kálvin Ter branch. If you become a member at Nr1 Fitness, you have access to all 4 gyms in the city. 

There are personal trainers at each location, and physiotherapy and rehabilitation appointments are available at the Óbuda gym. 

Whilst group classes are not included in the membership fee, they are pretty inexpensive. At Nr1 Fitness you can take part in body art, strength classes, fit dance, yoga, body shape, build and burn boot camp, functional training and fit spine classes (to name a few). 

The monthly cost is 13,999 forints (12,999 forints for students). For discounted prices, you can sign up for a 3 month plan (41,988 forints), a 6 month plan (68,499 forints) or a one year plan (121,999 forints). A single access day pass is 2,999 forints and a 5 day pass is 7,999 forints. Monthly access to all group classes costs 17,988 forints and a 3 month access pass for all group classes costs 46,999 forints. 

Nr1 Fitness also often offers discount codes at different times throughout the year. Right now you can use the discount code ORANGEFIT to get 30% off any membership of your choice.

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