Costello & Nieve in Concert, Palace of Arts Budapest, 30 September

  • 11 Sep 2023 4:38 AM
Costello & Nieve in Concert, Palace of Arts Budapest, 30 September
Elvis Costello is a member of the singer-songwriter elite, and it's no coincidence that he has worked with the likes of Count Basie, Paul McCartney, and Burt Bacharach.

The singer-songwriter, active since the second half of the 1970s, already performed solo in Hungary in 2013, also at Müpa Budapest, but now he is joined by his most faithful companion, keyboardist Steve Nieve, who has been his partner for over forty-five years, to perform his magnificent songs, masterpieces of perfection in every era, with enriched instrumentation.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, Elvis Costello burst into the scene with his very first new wave, power pop solo album My Aim Is True, released in 1977.

Keyboardist Steve Nieve appeared on this LP, and later became a key member of Costello's backing band The Attractions, which was formed with the second album, as well as the globe-trotting Costello's other major backing band, The Imposters formed in the 2000s.

Costello's albums - especially his astonishing series of albums released between 1977 and 1986 - were instant classics, with virtually every one of his compositions the epitome of The Song.

His collaborations with others are no less memorable (such as records with hip-hop aristocracy The Roots, rhythm & blues legend Allen Toussaint or the Brodsky Quartet, just to name a few), and he has released some great albums in recent years, too.

All the albums feature Nieve - Costello has in fact released a five-disc anthology of their joint work in 1996 under the title Costello & Nieve, a cross-section of their shared career to date - which means the audience is set to hear the very best of a hit-filled oeuvre.

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