'She Wants Revenge' - Lady Gaga's Favourites at Dürer Kert, 24 September

  • 7 Jun 2023 5:15 PM
'She Wants Revenge' - Lady Gaga's Favourites at Dürer Kert, 24 September
At the request of Lady Gaga, their song was featured in American Horror Story, while the music video was directed by Joaquin Phoenix.

However, despite their success, She Wants Revenge has broken up and reformed several times, most recently last year when they decided it was time to play and tour again.

Fans in Hungary will be happy to hear that the post-punk duo will finally play in Budapest on 24th September at Dürer Kert.

The story of She Wants Revenge began almost 20 years ago, in 2004, when singer-guitarist Justin Warfield and multi-instrumentalist Adam Bravin met in California - Bravin was previously in Crazy Town.

The two guys' music was influenced by post-punk, darkwave and gothic rock, and their music is both dark and uplifting. Their most successful song to date is Tear You Apart, which reached #6 on Billboard's Alternative Songs chart.

The video for the song was directed by Joaquin Phoenix, while These Things featured Garbage singer Shirley Manson.

After the band's first album, they went on to tour with bands as big as Depeche Mode and Placebo.

After a successful start with two more albums, they decided to stop playing together in 2012. Fortunately, however, the farewell was not to be permanent: first in 2015 and then in 2022 they decided to continue. And how right they were!

Another hit finally came in 2015, when Tear You Apart was chosen for the season premiere of American Horror Story Hotel. The song was also included at the request of Lady Gaga, who was an actress in the series.

Thanks to the rediscovery, the band got active again and reunited for a few concerts for their 10th anniversary.

During the hiatus, they appeared at the UK's Infest Festival in 2019, and last year announced that they were back to songwriting, and at the end of the year they went on tour with the Chameleons in the US. And this year they are also coming to the EU, for the great delight of Hungarian fans, so we can finally taste the music of She Wants Revenge on 24th September at the Dürer Kert.

Tickets available on www.livenation.hu

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