Expat Event: 'Zeus X Acrylic On Canvas', The Workshop Budapest, 30 December

  • 20 Dec 2023 1:28 PM
Expat Event: 'Zeus X Acrylic On Canvas', The Workshop Budapest, 30 December
Exhibition and live dj-set at The Workshop, presenting unique paintings by Venezuelan artist Zeus Salas, created for the music label Acrylic on Canvas.

Visual artists often draw inspiration from the feeling or lyrics of a particular piece of music, and musicians often collaborate with visual artists in creating album covers that visually convey their music.

Electronic music album covers typically have a more technical aesthetic, with many producers opting for digital or generic AI designs. Nonetheless, the cover holds significance as it also enhances the auditory landscape of the album and serves as the initial visual interaction between the musician and the audience.

An encounter between two Venezuelan-born artists at Sziget Festival in Budapest in the summer of 2022brought to life something new: the founder of electronic label Acrylic on Canvas Joone commissioned painter-performer Zeus Salas to create12 original art pieces for each release of the label in the 2023/2024 release season. Zeus’s painterly gestures created tangible micro-worlds of the tunes generated by the label’s many artists.

Zeus’s 20x20 cm paintings are unique artworks that slightly stray from the painter’s usual style while remaining true to his organic compositions, hints of patterns, and expressive simplicity. As a result, they match the timing, rhythmical changes, and speed precision of the electronic tracks – to the positive surprise of both artists and fans.

On 30 December 2023, fine art and music enthusiasts are invited to join the artists at The Workshop (1061Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 16.) for the exhibition opening and art party to view the artworks and enjoy a selection of AOC music.

The artworks will be available for purchase at a silent auction on this night only.

Venue: The Workshop
1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 16.

Date and time: 30 December, 2023, 6pm

About Zeus Salas

Zeus Milenko Steven Salas, born in Caracas, Venezuela, has already exhibited in Paris, Buenos Aires, and Budapest, with many of his paintings now in private collections from Costa Rica to Hong Kong.

From small drawings to large-format canvases, his disciplined work ethic brings to life mythological, emotive, and captivating visual worlds with symbols, unique characters, and bold colors. He is also a performer and a frequent collaborator with a variety of brands, magazines, and art events.

IG: @zetazeus

Web: jesuiszeus.com

About Acrylic On Canvas

Acrylic on Canvas (AOC) is an electronic music label founded in 2019 by DJ and producer Joone to serve as a platform to launch his own career and provide a space for new and emerging artists. AOC is recognized for its unique sound and vision, representing a diverse roster of artists by promoting fresh and exciting music.

Joone's Venezuelan roots and UK upbringing have given him a distinct view on music. He blends Latin America rhythms and melodies with the electronic music scene to create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Joone has collaborated with various artists and producers in addition to his solo work and is known for his constant ambition to innovate and experiment - he is a true representative of how cultures can mix and create something new and exciting in the music world.

For both him and the international following, AOC is not only a record label but also a community of like-minded people who share a passion for electronic music.

Web: acryliconcanvas.co.uk

IG: @joonemusic & @aoclabel

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