Night Raid by Budapest Police on Downtown Zone of Capital Results in Multiple Arrests

  • 26 Mar 2024 6:51 AM
Night Raid by Budapest Police on Downtown Zone of Capital Results in Multiple Arrests
101 police officers, along with colleagues from partner agencies, conducted a comprehensive law enforcement operation on Friday night in the 5th, 6th, and 7th districts of Budapest.

They identified 563 individuals, checked 411 vehicles (almost a quarter of which were taxis), inspected an entertainment venue, and apprehended or brought in a total of 13 people.

On the evening of March 22nd until the early hours of the next day, the Budapest Police Headquarters organized another comprehensive law enforcement action in the 5th, 6th, and 7th districts of the capital.

The raid involved the Rapid Response Police, Civil Guard, National Tax and Customs Administration, Budapest Directorate General for Disaster Management, Traffic Supervision Department and Labor Authority of Budapest Capital Government Office, Budapest Transport Center, Municipal Law Enforcement Directorate, as well as staff from the Inner City District Municipality and Public Area Supervision.

The main objectives of the operation were crime prevention, interruption, and screening for dangerous drivers.

Authorities focused on busy public areas in the downtown and around entertainment venues, but also inspected an entertainment venue in the downtown area.

They identified 563 individuals, apprehended or brought in 13 people, including perpetrators of assault, intoxicated and unlicensed drivers, as well as individuals wanted for misdemeanors.

They inspected 411 vehicles, including 106 taxis. In the case of the latter, 11 reports were filed by BKK taxi inspectors for lack of a taxi license, applying different fares, applying a fixed fare, and other violations as stipulated in the taxi regulations.

One driver had his previously unpaid fine converted to imprisonment, he was brought in by the police, and then the man paid the fine.

Uniformed officers used 177 breathalyzers, which indicated intoxication in one case – the driver was apprehended, and legal proceedings were initiated against him.

They filed five misdemeanor reports for traffic violations and imposed fines in 13 cases.

Traffic authority experts ordered ten poorly maintained vehicles to undergo immediate technical inspection, and three vehicles had their traffic permits revoked due to unauthorized modifications.

The police paid special attention to public alcohol consumption disturbing local residents, resulting in interventions on 15 occasions.

The Budapest Police Headquarters, with the reinforcement forces of the Rapid Response Police, ensures a continuous prominent presence in the downtown area, and in addition, such large-scale, comprehensive actions are held every month.


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