US Gov't 'Pursuing Smear Campaign Against Hungary', Claims Hungarian FM

  • 16 Mar 2024 6:04 AM
  • Hungary Matters
US Gov't 'Pursuing Smear Campaign Against Hungary', Claims Hungarian FM
The “pro-war, pro-gender and pro-migration US Democratic administration” is still pursuing a “smear campaign” against Hungary, Péter Szijjártó, the foreign minister, said on Facebook.

“This time it was the national security advisor who joined the chorus,” Szijjártó said.

“Jake Sullivan’s statement made it clear that the US Democrats do not take it well that, in the midst of the European progressive liberal ocean, there remains an island where we are proud to say: no war, no gender, no migration!”

“We continue to take a firm stand for peace, we will protect families from aggressive gender propaganda and will not let illegal migrants into our country, whether the Democrats like it or not!” Szijjártó said.

Meanwhile, PM's Political Director Presents English-Language Edition of Book on Hungarian Strategy

It is not in Hungary’s interest to follow the West’s strategy of a return to geopolitical blocs, the prime minister’s political director said at a presentation of the English-language edition of his book on Hungarian strategy, Hussar Cut: The Hungarian Strategy for Connectivity.

Balázs Orbán said the end of the unipolar world had opened the door for smaller countries to develop and pursue their own strategies on their way to success. He warned that in the changing world order, certain political forces were working to divide the world into blocs again.

This, he said, would limit smaller countries’ room for manoeuvre, as they would only be able to maintain political, economic and cultural ties with the other countries in their bloc. This, he added, went against Hungary’s interests as an open, export-oriented economy built on “knowledge and ambition”.

Hungary’s priority, Orbán said, was to bring in new branches of industry, identify breakout sectors for Hungarian companies and pursue a foreign policy based not on ideology, but national interests.

The world is going through changes which Hungary can use to turn its capabilities into advantages, Orbán said. He said that in just two decades, the world had lost faith in neoliberalism, which many attributed to the strengthening of the BRICS countries, division in the West and conflicts caused by religions.

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